Laz and character perks


So i was wondering, does capacity increase/reload speed not work on Laz’s cloak? I thought to myself that last game i played about 5 minutes ago, it didn’t seem like capacity was working. His cloak seemed so short


Capacity only affects things that have batteries or magazines. Like the Shield Projector or the SMG. Not things like the Cloak, the Speed Boost, etc. :stuck_out_tongue:

Reload Speed DOES, however! :smiley:


cloak doesn’t use a battery? :frowning: what does it use then?


When I say battery I still sort of mean clips. :stuck_out_tongue: Like, things that you need to hold down to use…Does that make sense? You need to hold down a button to use the shield. The cloak? You tap it once and it takes effect. Those are two different kinds of thing.


I understand haha, just seems weird it ins’t included. I guess it’s for balancing reasons though


Imagine if capacity could give Bucket one more sentry gun, that would be awesome :stuck_out_tongue:


Capacity Only impacts Guns and Beams.

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Yeah, reload speed is pretty much the best perk choice with Laz. Capacity does not affect class abilities (Personal Shield, Support Cloak, Mobile Arena, Heal Burst). And Laz’s cloak falls under this admittedly large category. As does Parnell’s Super Soldier and Caira’s Adrenaline Booster.

Edit: Or yeah… :pensive: What @MajorLeeHyper said. I was too slow. :persevere:

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Not sure if it’s the best perk though.

I always pick Health Regen with Lazarus to aid my grand escapes. If the Monster attacks me, a good Cloak and Shielding job from the Support later I’ll pop up again on the Monster’s smell with full health.

Not sure, I could just be fighting really bad Monsters, but I find I always have a Cloak and Glove ready whenever needed, never still on cooldown. So I guess I’d mostly just use the Reload perk for Healing Burst, which shouldn’t really be my main concern.


I used to run Jetpack thinking the same but after converting to reload…Never looking back. :stuck_out_tongue: You can SPAM cloak and healburst. Your self defence is better than Caira’s, in all honesty…


Reload is strongest mainly because of the extra heals you can pump out


I mainly use 300% jump height because it saves jetpack fuel and it also gets you up cliffs faster and when reviving if the monster targets you then:

Edit: I really enjoy gifs :smile:

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