Laz able to revive after eating corpse


I don’t know if it’s just an uncommon bug, if I somehow didn’t eat the whole thing, or what, but this happened to me the other day.

I haven’t seen it discussed lately or on the current bugs thread, so I thought I’d point it out. It may have just been a one in a million mistake, or maybe I missed the completion by a fraction.

When I go back and look at it, I can see that when I smelled before he got to it, the body was there. But I swear that eating animation completed…


You didn’t finish eating the corpse, if you look you could still see it after smelling as you tried to roll away. Must have been about 1/10th of the second bar left there, or something.

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Yeah, looks like they shot you off just as you would have finished


Didn’t finish eating it, you got like 99% of the way there but they shot you, you can tell because:

  • The food bar didn’t finish before you did.

  • Jack shot you off just in time.

  • Your Evolve Meter only gained a single meat not two.

  • You can see the body is still there at the 12 second mark.

Would you like @Sentry_Gun to close your thread or? Also changed topic to general since it isn’t really a bug.

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Yeah, go ahead, @Sentry_Gun :). I sort of realized that might have been the case after I posted it, but I wanted to get some other eyes on it.

Thank you guys.

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