Laying off Evolve for now till the wildlife buffs are nerfed


Every game, EVERY GAME thus far, the monster has either cooldown reduction, damage bonus or damage reduction buff. Nothing we could have done to stop him from getting it and he has fully denied it from us by eating the body.

I am very glad the elite buffs are gonna get nerfed. I just hope that one day the hunters also get a way to deny elite buffs from the monsters. It is just so one-sided now…


Yep, buffs suck, I feel bad for using them so I tend to kill the sloths at the start then grab the armor regen cuz its so useless ^.^
No cheese wins for Quirkles


Maybe I just play with stupid monsters but I rarely have that problem, I guess I don’t really see the problem with the buffs because of it.


Alex, couldn’t u at least had finished your game with us before comming to the forums rage ?

The lazarus bot went in and commited suicide.


I agree on hunters being able to deny buffs, but I do’t think they’re OP as they are now. Just my opinion, though.


Yeah, that Lazarus bot charged the Behemoth like he was a melee based hunter. You left us behind! ;_;
But yeah, it’s only monster favored, but I will still play the game.


As a Goliath user i think it’s lame as hell to hear they are nerfing the elite buffs. With the current selection of hunters and the high rate of carrion birds, monsters have a hard enough time against good coordinated teams as it is.

I’ve never understood people saying they cannot deny the monster the buffs, either. Most hunters just don’t seem to understand the game within the game. On maps like Distillery, Fusion Plant, Wraith Trap, etc, my first priority when I spawn is to find and kill the albino tyrant and sloth. I can then camp it for a minute, or for a short time until I see the inter is far away. A monster typically tries to avoid a stage one fight, and will usually wait on getting these elite buffs anyway.

Just seems like more and more is getting taken away from the monster to make it easier for hunters.


Buffs screw over the game for hunters, it’s the only part I dislike.


We just love the game too much, this intermediary period before the nerf is unbearable. I’m sick of Krakens too now tbh.


Believe me, once you come up against someone that plays like the old me (Stage 2, full rock throw, 35% damage increase) you get realllll tired of the buffs


this game is monster favored ? please you don t know what you re talking about


I don’t care. I can’t stand how much control the monsters have over the buffs compared to the monster.


And that justifies leaving us to rot ? No.


I know, I’m sorry for leaving. But rather than than give those pathetic monsters who absolutely abuse the hell out of the buffs a win.


You coulve at least waited, we lost 30 seconds after but still :frowning:


Buffs are most definitely monster favored, theres nothing hunters can do to stop me from getting a buff I want in the first few seconds it takes for me to stop the feeding animation, its a bit unfair


if they spot you fst enough they can stop you from eating it and punish you for trying and make you bail if you re stage 1 or 2


The problem is, I can find a buff before they even are opening the dropship doors.
Map knowledge+Buff spawn knowledge+Headstart=Unfair buff denial.
Besides, it only takes 1 meat to gain a buff, and with feeding speed, thats basically the click of the E key


They’re gonna get nerfed while they test to make them into something balanced but game changing. The nerf should hit with the next micropatch.


I don’t even know how buff values so high even made it to release. Especially considering they can be flat out denied to one team in the time span before they even arrive to the map. I mean, if the monster can deny them that’s alright, but he shouldn’t be able to get buffs so strong without any chance of the hunters being able to contest them. With lower values the monster being able to take one at the start won’t be something that can’t be dealt with.