LawBreakers : Another ARTS

So, Lawbreakers has been announced from the developers of Gears of War. Here is the gameplay trailer from today.

So, this game is another FPS ARTS (First Person Shooter, Action Real-Time Strategy. ARTS is better known as MOBA, but MOBA is often misunderstood.) This means it is not joining a very, soon to be, crowded market. With Battleborn, Dirty Bomb and then later Overwatch coming, it’s pretty busy in the ARTS world.

So, I wanna know what you guys think of this game. Right now, in the ARTS genre all the games have managed to differentiate themselves enough to keep themselves from all being the same. Ignore the whole Everyone is Copying Overwatch Trolls, they are wrong. Technically, Overwatch started being made before everyone else, but it doesn’t matter, they are all different games. With a few exceptions such as Hi-Rez’s (Smite developer) Paladins, which looks very generic and clunky, they are all different. The issue I have with LawBreakers right away (Aside from the name, which everyone already agress is god awful.) is that while it has some cool looking abilities, the grapple swing, backward shooting and the fact their game is built on the premise of a world without Gravity (That’s why everyone is just flying. EVERYWHERE.), it looks so damn generic it hurts. I’m not one to hate on Art style or choice, it’s normally about game-play with me… but holy… It’s like they just copy pasted from a catalog of Destiny/CoD characters with a small attempt to feel edgy :confused: A lot of people are saying if it turns out being more like Unreal Tournament like it seems to look like, it will be good, and I agree. However, if they try to make this more of an ARTS with how this game looks, I have a sad feeling it’s gonna tank. Hard.

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That’s not quite right Boss Key Productions has been founded by Clifford Bleszinski the former design director of Epic Games and Arjan Brussee co-founder of Guerrilla Games (Killzone).

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Grappling seems cool, but nothing has really grabbed me yet.

Looks promising so far. :smile:

Seems kinda too similar to TF2…

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Wow, Cronos looks awesome!

Also this isn’t a MOBA by any means.

I’m kind of meh. Gameplay looks cool, but the characters don’t grip me… They just look so bland, like a bunch of soldiers with cool weapons wearing all grey (or, in Cronos’ case, a giant helmet).

Like, when I saw my first gameplay of Evolve on Youtube, I saw Laz and I was like, “Dang, this guy is sick!”. Same goes for McCree in Overwatch. None of these characters look particularly interesting to me (although I do like Kitsune’s grappling thing).