Law of Karma as Auto-Balance in Evolve - There is no need to further balance the game


One of the things I like about Evolve is that it has this law of Karma in effect, as made possible by reincarnation.

Let’s say if you have killed a monster in an earlier life … what happens? Sometimes in the next life (match), you reincarnate as a hunter who gets killed by the monster.

Killed too many wildlife in one life? The game has it arranged that you live as a hunter in one life, and get killed by a Megamouth.

Killed a monster as a hunter in one life? In another future life, you will reincarnate as a monster who gets killed by a hunter.

However, on the other hand, let’s say you get stomped by a monster in this life. In another future life, you get to stomp the monster.

Let’s say you have one very bad game because of a newbie monster? No problem, in a future game, an expert monster will take over and give you an epic game.

Had a game with crashes, bugs or lag? No problem, in the future, the law of karma ensures that you will have a bug-free game.

Had a game where someone picked the overpowered Wraith? In another game you get to be that Wraith, or to stomp a Wraith victoriously.

So basically, the law of karma balances all life in this game, ensuring that all deeds or misdeeds done to each other are eventually compensated. It is the ultimate auto-balance.


This man is a genius, and should be treated as such. Give him your likes, everyone!


That is fine but some things are simply broken.

Hyde’s toxic grenades for one.

Karma is cool but it doesn’t include things that just do not work.