Lava bomb or fissure?


There’s the line, I drew it. As bob it’s generally essential to take either lava or fissure by stage 2 with at least two points. Gotta deal that damage. But I find it varies greatly between people that prefer one over the other, especially for a stage 1 build. Fissure does more damage, is instant, but predictable. Lava bomb opens your weak spot up during casting, does great aoe and dot, but can be avoided if the hunters pay attention. Which do you guys prefer as your main damage dealer?


Both at 2 points at stage 2. I feel the biggest line is whether someone takes Rock Wall or Tongue Grab tbh. I also feel that Behemoth benefits more from skill spreads than other monsters. 3 2 point skills at stage 2 seems A LOT stronger than 2 3 point skills, for instance.


I am a lava bomb man myself. I find I miss fissure more than I like, so I focus on lava bomb for my main damage.


My build is generally 2 Lava Bomb, 3 Fissure, and 1 Tounge.
It makes for a good crushing system (Fissure, Tounge, Lava at your feet)


I agree. By stage 2 I often have all 4 skills. I find 2 wall, one in tongue, and the other 3 points spread between lava and fissure, make a pretty well rounded and efficient build. Plenty of damage and utility.


I usually go 3 Lavabomb S1, then two fissure, one tongue grab, then at Stage 3 I max out fissure and add two rockwall.


I tend to go for fissure. I can always hit one person, and usually more. Just gotta make sure your main target is within close-medium range.


I like this build I will give it a go sometime.


So no tongue grab at all? I find it to be his best combo move. It’s short CD and utility can make for some gnarly attacks. Fissure, tongue, and either heavy melee, lava, or wall. Easy down. Lava at your feet and then tongue, and meet him with a heavy attack. Another easy down. Tongue and wall to separate, good defense move.


Just try to get the timing with tounge grab and Lava Bomb, it takes a little getting used to but if you can get the bomb to go off when theyre landing it is devastating, only takes a melee or 2 for an incap (unless shielded of course :/)


Well I will try it tonight seems like a good build. :smiley:


What is your s1 build for this?


1 Fissure, 1 Lava Bomb, 1 Tounge Grab.
Its my Stage 1 Wipe build ^.^ (with damage increase as a perk)


I dislike taking tongue grab… I always do, but I think the range is WAAAY too terrible unless you get 2 or 3 points in…

I greatly prefer fissure over lava bomb. It deals a ton of damage and is MUCH facster and easier to hit with.


Dude Tounge Grab beats Wall any day, I slam 3 points into it and nothing can escape me (except that Hank that got gud and OBd me, cloaked, and got blasted away >_>)


Behemoth is all about aggressive combat and lava ball is by far your best damage output. It has comparable initial damage to fissure plus has Spheres that persist quite a while, each with aoe damage and trigger the 6 second fire dot. It also has good utility in that one of the lava balls always stays at the initial point of impact. This allows you to consistently put at least one on an incapped hunter, hastening death and making it harder to revive them. You can leave a set of lava balls where hunters are likely to walk and most of the time they will set themselves on fire rather than walk around. This is particularly useful against Laz or support as the fire dot makes stealthed hunters glow.

Fissure has a faster cast time and causes a brief flail animation and throws the hunters in the air. It seems to be more difficult to aim and the damaging area goes through some objects and over others, lowering consistency.

There is so much damage and utility from lava ball that you really should have at least 1 point in it at stage 1 unless you are not going to fight hunters at all as stage 1, which to me is against the point of behemoth. I usually put all3 points in lava ball, then stage 2 put 1 in tongue grab for extra cc and 2 points in fissure for extra damage. I often use the fissure to keep medics busy by using it on a secondary target while I me lee and lava ball my primary target.


I almost never put more than one point into tongue. The damage isn’t really any good, and there are only a few times that the range isn’t enough for me. I don’t snipe with it, and there are definitely times when the hunters are super spread out that I would like the extra range, but it’s generally not enough to make me want more than 1 point


Thats where we differ, MLG pro Snipes up in here ;p


S1 3 Lava Bomb
S2 3 Lava Bomb, 2 Rock Wall, 1 Tongue Grab
S3 3 Lava Bomb, 3 Fissure, 2 Rock Wall, 1 Tongue Grab


I’m similar, but I take 3 laval 3 Rock Wall 1 Tongue, 2 Fissure.

Fissure doesnt reliably hit, and sometimes the greater rock wall radius comes in handy when dealing with a Laz.