Lava Bomb One Shot Incapp


I got one shot incapped by a Lava bomb yesterday. Maybe this skill also suffers from the same bug where you take dmg from impact + shrapnel like the infamous rock throw.

I am playing Markov in the video



The one at 54 seconds?


Yes, exactly.


That was definitely weird.


don t forget lava bomb also burns so the fact that you took damage of the initial ball + the second smaller one was enough for the burn to kill you


I don’t think that is correct. If you look closely at my hp , lava bomb hits me for around half of my health , then a 2nd instance of damage is applied instantly and I go down.


He didn’t get burned tho he got knocked down to 20% from like 90% and then it dropped to 0

@Quirkly seems like there is a double impact bug with lava bomb


Mhmm I saw it, Every test I ran last night proved fruitless sadly, I think its less of a double hit than more of a double register, possibly latency compensating 2 moves for 1. Bah, what do I know, I’ll try again tonight


Definitely something buggy there. It’s a longshot, but the lava bomb also hit one of Markov’s mines and set it off next to him. Could it have somehow cause the mine to damage him instead of the monster?


I too think that it’s because Markov took damage from the mine, I’ve had simular experiences where I got hit by something next to a mine and took way more damage than it should have been.


Reminds me of the Rock Throw bug where it registers twice…Possibly similar.


I have had this happen to me while playing Behemoth. The Lava Bomb insta-incapped someone who was at 100% with no strikes (I had damage buff, but still). It did land very close to them if not a direct hit.



MLG Lava bombs there.


the smaller bombs cause their own reduced impact damage if they hit you iirc, and so if it lands beneath you just so the small bombs can launch directly into you, causing more impacts than intended.

I have done this once, where the opponent launched up and got hit directly by the fragments, causing them to initiate midair, and stick there for their duration. it can be massive damage, but it requires luck, positioning, and a curse from the random number gods.

To me it looked like the smaller fragment passed through you, causing it to deal impact damage as it did so.


That looks ridiculously painful…