Lava Bomb makes Pubs Impossible Sometimes

Seriously, with all of the new players, its impossible in skirmish to find a team where everyone knows what theyre doing. One thing that makes it even worse is lava bomb, since people dont know how much damage it does. I feel like the area denial damage needs to be reduced because of this. You may say its your fault if you stay inside of a lavabomb, but its not my fault if I get put in a team full of idiots who dont understand the simple concept that lava hurts. Im thinking maybe more impact damage could be added, at the price for droplet damage, or even just reducing droplet damage. Maybe not bringing it back to the way it was before, but making it a nice spot inbetween.

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I once had a team mate who played Assault (Torvald) and he kept standing in the lava bomb droplets because he didn’t know you took damage from it.

I had to keep healing him constantly so he didn’t die and Hank had to keep shielding him too, it was frustrating. I couldn’t tell him on the mic either because I was at my friends.

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I think characters should scream loudly in agony constantly until they leave the lava bomb pool. And only the person playing the character should hear this.

That should get the point across.

Unless theyre listening to their dubstep remix.


Droplet damage did 75 damage (or 80)at level 3 and the lava bomb explosion itself did 750-800. the explosion itself did not need that much damage since it was an area denial to begin with the way lava bomb is right now is perfect.

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Pfft, I totally don’t do that… :neutral_face:

In high level play, it is perfect, but it absolutely ruins low level play. If you actually read my comment, I didnt say it should be brought down to what it was, but more of a middlepoint.

Yes nerf lava bomb because of people’s stupidity, that sounds fair. Although they are nerfing aftershock for that exact reason so you never know


Ah, the infinitely-old never-ending demand that people stop standing in fire.

Still classic.


Im not saying nerf, Im saying change. They can take away some droplet damage and buff something else. As for aftershock, thats not stupidity, it is actually OP.


I strongly disagree that aftershock is an “Op” ability.

More of just a readjustment of power. Theyre nerfing aftershock because they are buffing lightning strike, not because they feel aftershock is op in any regards.


As for the topic at hand. I would like to see SOMETHING happen with lava bomb. As it currently is, I feel its a bit too spammable, for how much damage they do, how much area they cover, etc. Id love it if you could do something like shoot away the droplets (Not as easily as banshee mines- require a bit of concentrated fire to remove them), or to adjust the cooldown.

Im iffy on behemoth currently. I dont particularly find behemoth to be “op” overall, BUT at the same time I dont particularly like the amount of burst damage he is capable of- He can down a hunter in literally a couple of seconds, with VERY little the hunters can do when this occurs. Id like to see some of his spamability removed, some of his burst removed, but see him buffed in other areas to compensate for this. As it is, i dont feel his “bursty” mechanics fit in a game- where the devs have openly demonstrated theyre TRYING to remove those very “bursty” mechanics.

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Nerf an ability because people are stupid? You did indeed say reduce the damage in your original post. It’s like saying lets nerf Laz because stupid monsters don’t know he can revive people without strikes.


I know this pain. I have to expend a large chunk of my shields on one of my teammates standing in the Lava Bomb, and then I don’t have any left to block a Fissure or the melees… It’s really frustrating. I’ve even told them to not stand in it, but they do anyway.

It’s because of this that they are going to make the AoE of the droplets much more visible to hopefully assist in players realizing where they should not stand. MacMan confirmed this recently. Here’s hoping it actually works. :stuck_out_tongue:

I did say reduce area of effect damage, but increase impact damage.

Can you just stop making threads? Behemoth is far from OP. You’re the only one who seems to think so, so just stop. You’ve made 5 threads asking to nerf him or just saying he’s OP. Stop.


I dont mind how fast a behemoth can down a hunter sometimes, but the speed at which he can kill an incapped hunter is insane in my opinion. 1 lava bomb means healing is almost useless.

Im not really saying hes OP here, Im just saying an adjustment that I think would work well. Thats kind of the point of the forums. Im not like a lot of people in the forums who is constantly saying TRS is doing a bad job, Im just pointing out problems I see.

I don’t have a problem with an audio que of the Hunters screaming FIRE FIRE FIRE like they do when Goliath breathes. Maybe have their health bar flashing when under a dot effect to make it obvious they are taking damage. I’m just against damage nerfs because people are stupid.

Well, MacMan said they’re reducing his melee damage I believe.

And other things :frowning:

I think the only problem that I have with Behemoth is that the Lavabomb is like Wraith’s Supernova before the Nerf.

An ability that you can use on the field then after it does it’s job it’s ready to use again with almost no delay. Increase the cooldown a tad and he should be fine. But if they’ve already stated that they are reducing his melee damage (gee giant hands hurt like hell? I guess staying away from him is just too much to think about) then I guess this is the start of the Nerf train for Behemoth being driven by Wraith.