Lava Bomb is too strong in Defend

Lava bombs absolutely melt the generators, without costing Behemoth much at all. He can also throw them on turrets, which will destroy them completely on its own, where with other monsters it can take multiple abilities to destroy one. He can also just throw them from across the map, since they have insane range. This 100% needs to be fixed, I would say the best way of doing it is making the droplets do a lot less damage to both the turrets and the generators.

They have said time and again they won’t just nerf an attribute without changing something else on the hunters side for balance also so careful what u wish for and even if they did reduce damage over time still has the longest range of any monster ability he will just have to chuck two lava bombs at the turrets from across the map instead of one which doesnt change much because he still wont be in any serious damage range but I doubt they will change damage much they just got it to the point where it is the area denial ability it was meant to be

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Its been like that sunce release

I hope your kidding, since Behemoth wasnt out at release and his lava bomb didnt do this much damage over time.

Actually up until the 5.0 patch, Behemoth’s lava bomb pool damage was mediocre; the initial impact of the bomb did damage. So no, it wasn’t.

That said I don’t see this as much of an issue, personally. Just kill the Behemoth- Defend maps always have excellent spots for Hunters to fight and this is even better against Bob, because Bob.


His LB is fine now. It does the necessary damage to be an area denial ability. Now that it is finally useful you think it is too strong? There is no pleasing anyone here on these forums.


You guys mock him but I played with pubs the other day against a behemoth that just sat back and threw lava bombs on the relay it was the most boring game ever

You played with pugs which is almost always a loss if they were a premade they’d have wrecked him kept pressure on him in between minions and domed him whenever he would run for armor I beat behemoth all the time in defend also beat players I know will pick kraken with markov you cannot base an opinion off a pub because they are two different things entirely

I meant since his release. to be honest i dont see much of a difference between this lava bomb and before lava bomb buff - they both take out turrets in one go. The generators on the other hand are a different story for m Since i dont pay attention to it much.

@MidnightRoses i know how Lava bomb worked before 5 patch. Again they both took turrets out in one go and even though the damage with the lava pools were crap it was better used in defend than any other game mode

We beat him the next game in arena (with pubs)
It may be pubs but it’s st about having fun that’s the whole purpose behind the game to have fun and people that want to play like that aren’t helping others have fun

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Still crazy I’ve had monsters who play like this the monster kinda has to in order to stay alive through 3 generators the turrets and hunters would eat the monster alive that’s why most people who pick goliath or wraith both of which get in close almost always lose to win defend lose 90% of the time

The pubs may be able to handle him I’m arenas because its simply a break defend requires a completely different play style in both hunters and monsters part

I believed that was the purpose behind this thread because you either play like an arse and win or play for fun and lose
The game mode is poorly balanced

Before the 5th patch goliath was great. he was pretty even with kraky and behemoth

They’ll never balance the game for Defend, the game modes they are balancing for is Hunt with a little bit of consideration for Arena, balancing the game for Defend is a terrible idea.

Well that has been made known and stated by devs I’m sure they are already working on balancing the mode since its in one of the most common game modes but until then we can either vote to skip or adapt to current play style which like I said my Premades win 9/10 games against all monsters

I wasn’t suggesting nerfs or buffs just a better more fun way of playing it

I actually think defend is fairly balanced, but maybe a little hunter favored unless the monster cheeses.

You can ignore the minions and chase the monster. They can’t take out all 3 generators before time runs out. (test it if you don’t believe me)

Just chase the monster and keep him away from the generators and your good. If you die you come back strike free in 40 seconds. Just pick the most damaging comp and have at them.

If you let the monster sit at range and bombard you with lava mortars you deserve the loss. Behemoth is a fairly easy kill on defend, given that hunters have unlimited lives.

they should replace Lava Bomb with Chili sauce, that will keep the hunters off it.