Lava Bomb burn damage is waaaay too much

I was playing today against a stage one behemoth and my entire teams health could not get up due to the fact that lava bombs do fuck damage. one took away half of my health and I just barely stood in it

thus the reason you’re not supposed to stand in them. Area denial.


I got hit with them and walked out. I lost half my heealth in two seconds. Not evan an exaggeration

that’s the point, Behemoths LB is not supposed to be an ability that you don’t need to avoid. People have gotten used to a weak LB and now it’s biting them in the ass.

Behemoth’s Lava Bomb was always meant to be area denial. In battle Behemoth was meant to control the battlefield and with the previous LB he couldn’t. People began using it as a very slow projectile due to it’s high splash damage and low DoT.

They’ve fixed it and now it is an actual area denial. Stand in it and you die.

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Yep, the amount of damage you take from the buffed DOT damage is pretty ridiculous.


Have you been in it though? It’s area denial, yeah, but it has so much range and so much power that it’s possible even too powerful

Think of it this way, Behemoth can put it near him and then anyone near him is in for a bad day (which they already would be) or he can chuck it towards somewhere you’re camping, you can no longer go there but you won’t have to worry about being tongue grabbed into a lava-bomb fissure combo.

I have stepped in it and yeah, it’s very strong and that’s the point, TRS wants people to try to detour around the lava-bomb or else you get melted. Just be considered lucky you can sit next to lava for 5 seconds in the first place with no heat protective suit on. :smile:


In my opinion, the DOT damage should start off pre-buff, and THEN increase rapidly the LONGER you stay in it. Basically turn Lava Bomb into Spitter’s Acid Spit from L4D2.

It rewards hunters to take quick action to get out or punish them hard if they’re staying in it. Right now you get your ass handed to you just for touching the fire.

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It’s also one of the easiest abilities to dodge.
Unless of course you’re standing too close to the Behemoth. Which in its own answers what went wrong.

I like the new Lava Bomb. It’s still easy to dodge when kiting Bob at a safe distance but standing in the lava drains your health very, very fast.
Has a nice boss battle -feel to it.


Mine Damage is too much

Toxic grenade damage is too much

Mortar damage is too much

Orbital damage is too much

no, just no

Orbital… oh boy.

Well, if you stand in lava, you will combust. so, don’t walk into it anymore.

@bobby those are all fine too, but it has the same thing, you stand in it, you die.


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