Latest patch sucks. Constant DEVICE crashes every single game I play


Title says it all. Now I can’t even play my favorite game anymore. May I get a refund for a game that doesn’t want to work anymore? Thanks


yeah me too, crashes on nearly every evacuation

this patch was a joke



Don’t go, Bagel! :fearful:


Dude I can deal with a community that has a lot of hypocrites, the imbalance mistakes that happen, DLC that’s bugged, and the long waits for patches, but when it keeps crashing and after I have done literally every single thing in the book to fix it and nothing changes, I know it’s the game. It’s not my PC because I got a $4000 gaming rig and if a $400 PS4 and $350 Xbox One can run this, then I know this is bad porting. If I can’t get a refund I’ll wait until the magical day that it finally gets fixed. But since that is going to be a while, I guess I have to take a vacation from this game because instead of enjoyment I’m getting constant urges to punch something and that isn’t what I signed up for.


;-; Goodbye then. It was nice having you aboard. :cry:


You get the dxgi_error_device_hung error? Try to put your game setting on low since that seem to stop it for me.
It’s not a real fix but it’ll let you play until they make things work.


I’ll still be on the forums. I just won’t be playing Crash Simulator lol


I said I tried every possible trick in the book with my last comment man. Trust me whatever you suggest, I tried it


First Waiting Simulator, then DLC Simulator, then Bugs Simulator, now Crashing Simulator.

This is the most varied game ever. :stuck_out_tongue:


When this game works, it’s fun and exciting. But the crap like this makes all that worthless. Quite sad.


It sucks that you have bad luck with it when there are so many trolls and haters who can run it perfectly. :confused:


You’re telling me man. It’s just my luck. I have so much faith for this and I want to support TRS’s years of hard work, but when it doesn’t work, I hate to say it but I can’t support it.


Same here but on PS4, game crashes at the start of every match


barely does for me only 1 out of 5 games with a behemoth