Latest patch same lobby bugs and unstable client


Latest patch was to have fixed the lobby system but it’s just the same.
Groups still getting disbanded after choosing continue when solo queued and have to requeue.
Endless searching with no found players.
Mid session lost host connections.
Was this a patch or something else? -_-
Also just hangs at round load screen which I then have to use taskmanager to close.


wow, didn’t tried yet but this sound awful, those problems are there since Stage 1 launch, it’s getting ridiculous…


constant lost connection to host disconnects -_-


Ok, i played with a friend and the MM was FLAWLESS.
I mean, yesterday was impossible to play and now we got 0 disconnection or MM loss disband… 0, we played ALL the time.
There is still the little inconvenience to be chosen monster in a group but you can exit the mm and start another one and find another game instantly, like playing in solo.

This with 2 players group, i will try in a group of 3 later, but for now… THANK YOU Turtle Rock for the FIX!


4 player party here, can confirm the bugs are still as common as ever.
Lobby full, connection lost nonsense, etc.
It’s about 10 errors for every 1 functional match.


It’s not ridiculous, the only ridiculousness is people believing that they understand enough to claim a bug fix timeline is ridiculous


Can confirm i played 3 matches in a row with a friend, the second time after a match and it searched automatic for a new one, he got the “Lobby Full” again … :confused:


Played for hours during the night-

Not once did I get the “Lobby full” bug. Only thing that ever happened was a buddies game crashed and he had to reconnect.

Just my experience, anyways.


Those who still have problems connecting to lobbies, where are you located and what is your average ping? Do you have a stable internet connection?
With how many people (party size) are you trying to find a game?

I haven’t played since the hotfix but in my experience the bigger your party, the more often it dissolves. And with some people it happened more often than with others. Sometimes letting sb else be party leader seemed to help.


considering matchmaking and lobby’s were working better in legacy I think we understand just fine.

Why break something that was working fine?
We could continue playing with the same people if we chose continue or we could leave game to find a new lobby.
This is a step backwards.


I still have issues, i’m in Italy, ping ingame 30-40, stable internet, MM me and my friend.


Your whole comment here shows, understandably so no hard feelings, that you don’t know how these coding processes work and how a previously working system can break.