Latest patch messed up Logitech G910 Orion Spark Color Schemes

I wrote this already in the steam forums so this is quite a copy of that topic there.

Before the last patch, I had no problems with the color schemes of the Logitech G910 Orion Spark Keyboard. All keys showed the colors I gave them in the color-scheme for Evolve. But now following happens.
I start the game and the keyboard switches to my color scheme for Evolve. When the first intro movie starts playing, all of the sudden, all keys went red (except the G-Keys which went purple). When I alt-tab out and in the game, the colors of the keys switches to the right color-scheme back again. Now I can do everything in the menus, the color-scheme stays as intend. But right at the moment the loading bar of a map reaches the end of the screen, all keys went to red again. I have to alt-tab out/in again to get my color-scheme back. When playing as a monster and i evolve, bam, again, all keys red (alt-tab again to bring back right color-scheme). Happens always when I evolve. And at the end of the game when you have watched your game summary and you hit continue, again all keys went red.

And I think it’s not the Logitech-Software. Evolve is the only game where this happens now. in all other games (Borderlands 2 and The Pre Sequel, Payday 2, CoD:AW for example) the color-schemes work like they should. No random color switching there.

I Found a new version of the Gaming Software on the Logitech Website (wasn’t shown with the software update function). But even with the new version, the problem still exists. All keys went red at different moments.

I hope you can fix this.

Edit: Made some tests and played a few rounds hunter instead monster. There I figured out that the color of the keys matches the role you are playing. Support = all keys yellow, Medic = all keys blue aso.
For me, it seems my keys change the colors like the light-bar of a PS4 controller do, depending on the played role. Please devs, don’t compare the keyboard lights with the light-bar of a PS4 controller. Don’t touch my self defined color schemes.

Are there any plans to fix this situation?
I want my color schemes back.

Hey Devs, when will I get back the control over my keyboard colors?
Even after Patch 2.3.6 all my keys get tinted in a stupid way.
I’m sick of tabbing out and back in into game on and on and on and on to get back my color definitions.
Remove your DUMB “tint the players keys in one shit color” and give me back the control of the color scheme, NOW!!!


Any ETA when I will get my own color scheme for my keys back in game?

This is already fixed in the latest version of the game. There is an option in the Logitech G-series Gaming Software that controls this feature. You’ll need to toggle it off if you do not want the colors to change when Evolve is running. I’ve circled the option in the image below.

Seems to work now.


Is this an option on the PS4 for the Dual Shock 4 controller? It only seems to change color in solo and sometimes the Monster color returns to default after Evolving for the first time.