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-Design issue with Sunny…people are using her jetpack booster gun and then when you go to jump, pulling it off you and causing you to fall down that gap you expected to be able to make; even if they didn’t do it intentionally.

-Games sometimes just randomly end now as soon as they start, from some weird bug.

-Behemoth gets stuck, usually between the dome and rocks/ledges due to his size, and locks up and is basically unable to do anything except take damage until he dies or the dome goes down.

-Sometimes the dome on behemoth goes down weird or something, and it makes the game trigger connection problems and lock up, causing everyone and everything to freeze in place permanently.

-Tovald’s Shrapnel grenades don’t seem to affect Eggs on nest.

-Crow’s Rifle scope doesn’t work when charging weapon, intentional or not it’s incredibly annoying.

Related screenshots to some bugs:


One bump cause’ I am heading to bed now, just leaving this here for someone to look at if possible. Thanks.


Im on xbox and still cant play with t4 or behemoth, is this suppose to be a thing?



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I just gotta keep bumping it till I know it’s been read by at least one person that can pass it along or such.


Did you download all the new characters?
This has to be done manually.
Manage game, all the way to the right download all the new characters or through the store.


Yeah I figured this out yesterday. Thanks though.



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