Late night ps4 squad


Hey guys, im from usa and run on central time. Im looking for 3 (or 4 if you wanna play monster) hunters in evolve on PS4. I play around midnight-4am. My preference is as follwed: 4. Medic 3. Trapper 2. Support 1. Assault. So basically i need a medic ,trapper and support/assault. Message me or comment on this if interested.


Hello! I’m leader of a tactical Evolve clan called Nova and would love to see you join our ranks. We value fun with other competitive Evolve players over anything else so if that’s something that interests you PM me or refer to my previous thread!


I main medic and mostly play late into the night. Divine__demon


i usually play around that time as well. Oma-83 my Pref is 1. Med 2. Trap 3. Mon 4. Assault 5. Support. Oh i played with divine_demon before XD


Ill add you both this evening. My psn gamertag is mclovin7871