Late Night Players? ( Xbox One )


Anyone with a MIC on Xbox One up to play? I do Assault. GT - Kawaii Dumpling


I’ll be back online shortly Kawaii, have to refill my XO subscription >.<


How late do you play? I’m on XB1 have a mic and am pretty decent with any class especially medic.


Hurry and come back to meh D:


Zeroduck1e here, usually playing after midnight CST.


im on right now looking for some games.
and i do got a mic
gt G man Red Mist


I’m always from 11pm and after pacific time



I’m trying to Senpai D: soon! I promise! ^.^


im aviable. i prefer monster though so if you get some other people you can have at it with me hehehe


I play all kinds of hours with a mic if you want to add me. Gamertag Poe13187
I play anything but monster.