Late Masteries Question

I’ve always had a question about joining in late.

If I were to join in late, say as Lennox, would I get my full mastery of Lennox to play with, or would I perhaps be given what the previous player had.

More examples: If I joined in late as Goliath, would I have my masteries or would I be left with what the previous Goliath had which could be 1 star mastery stuff rather than my full Elited status?

So in short, if I joined in late, would I be getting my masteries or would I be left with the stuff that the previous player had.

Pretty sure you don’t. I joined in progress as a Goliath once and noticed that my abilities weren’t doing quite as much damage. Could’ve just been me but Iunno. :stuck_out_tongue:

Tagging @MajorLeeHyper for a definite answer though.

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