Last night I quit evolve

Last night after failing to connect to a game as a team we decided to reinvestigate titanfall. I’m pretty much a diehard evolve fan (as are the team) but after waiting for maybe 10 hours in lobbies in the last two weeks it’s just not worth it. Same issues after the patch ( on xb one). If the issues can put me off I worry for the rest of the xb one community. I’ll keep an eye on the forum to see if and when they get fixed. Such a shame

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I understand and sympathize with your frustration. Been having a lot of trouble today finding matches. I will keep on keeping on though - my despondence has not overpowered my love for the game yet. So I will say that we’re sad to see you go, to see another player lost, but I do hope you’ll come back eventually.


Will be back at some point. Must admit didn’t see myself leaving, we just all were like ‘try something else?’ After another wasted hour last night. Not sure if the issues are worse on xb than the others but they are game breaking on xb.

I am on X1 myself and I can say the issues are prevalent. Not game breaking per se, but the issues are definitely there and they do detract from a smooth, totally awesome gaming experience. :confused: Oh well. At least come back when all of T5 is out. :smile:

To be honest I’m not that bothered about t5. I can’t connect to matches in a team. Haven’t been able to since the arena update. It’s as simple as that. One thing would really get me to try is ranked, but even then only as monster because until they fix the matchmaking hunters are dead for me I I like it or not

Im quitting evolve for now. Im a solo player and in really bummed out about the DLC. Its not that I will have to wait but the fact that they are coming out individually. I mean ive been in games where every one is choosing assualt and when they dont get him they leave. Plus I dont have a team, so for the sake of keeping this game fresh im just gonna quit. Ill just be on the forums to check for updates.

I haven’t played evolve in over a month. To be honest I’m only here to pick up chicks


What’s the issue, can’t find a monster to play against?

No. Can’t find a game as a team. Either leader gets kicked or it just searches without finding anything. By a team I mean anything more than solo

How is it going?

Momma goli needs some mcluvin?

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You know… She feels lonely…

Fantastic. Hang upside down here often?

You’re a solo ? So you’re quitting because other people are picking the same class? I don’t get it. If you’re a solo player, why would it matter if others are pickin assault?

Hmm, I was playing evolve yesterday and I have to agree, it’s hard to find games and players, it’s very upsetting that every time I do manage to find a game there are only 2-3 players rather than the full lobby. (Playing on Xbone)

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I can find full games I just can’t get into them with others.

… But yeah they massively need to fix matchmaking. Stat

I liked Titanfall, but I’m just not the type of gamer to enjoy the long range all-rounder Assault Rifle style gunplay where the first guy to get spotted typically dies.

Love the Titans though, and combat closer up.

I’m on PC, but I’d recommend Arena if you want to get an Evolve fix without 15+ minutes spent running after a Monster.

Meaning i have no friends :(. Its because of people not leaving because of them not being who they wanted to like I had just joined a game where the medic and support left when I was the assualt. This affects me because of being unable to find lobbies without disconnecting and we can all agree having an AI on your team is loke babysitting.

Id play with you if on xb one… If I could :wink: