Last night I dreamt that there were more perks added into the game


It was so great and awesome at the same time unbalanced and Chaotic.

Do you think we’ll get more perks in to the in the future.


I’m preeeettty sure the Devs said that they, they’re eventually raising the level cap, meaning mor-burp-re perks. I could be wrong though, I mean, I’m a scientist not a, a journalist who catalogues everything. But if they, if they are planning to, that kind of major change would probably take awhile to burp to fine tune. Would be totally sw-burp-eet. :smile:


I want a perk that can ban a character pick.


That’s an interesting one!!! I was totally thinking, it would be having certain cosmetic perks, or totally radical perks, that might seem underpowered and probab-burps-bly are compared to others, but would still be fun. Like, maybe a perk to make less noise, when you’re traversing, smelling, evolving or casting abilities. That sounds weak compared to Reload Speed or Movement Speed, but I think it could be used effectively!!! On Gorgon her Spider Traps wouldn’t scream so loud. Would mean for safer Evolves and stealth play.
Maybe a perk that let your abilities animations be faster, but that might be to strong, specially on Monsters like Behemoth. Or one that let a Hunter ne able to crawl very slowly while incapped, that doesn’t sound to strong but it might be OP. It’s hard to think of new ones.


I want a perk that oneshots Trapjaws and Mammoth Birds.
We’ll call it: CUNTSMASHER Poacher.


Yes approve this perk…


Animal sense perk would be awesome to have all the time.


That would be extremely annoying and OP and TRS would never do that.


I suggested these on an older topic:

  1. Increase max health 5% 10% and 15%
  2. Class ability reload speed (3 balanced values)
  3. Reduced fuel usage 10% 15% 20% (it would be an alternative to reload, and would work better alongside Sunny)
  4. Jetpack climb/hover speed 20% 35% 50%


We have a thread on dreams


You’re 100% correct. It was stated way back in February:[quote=“MacMan, post:4, topic:31255, full:true”]
More levels means more perks!


I think this topic is more about the perks than the dreams :stuck_out_tongue:


I wonder how high they’re raising it!!! Must be a big project to have been started in February.


Not necessarily, I think it’s more a case of ‘stuff we haven’t gotten around to’. Seems unlikely they’ve spent nearly a year on raising the level cap. I could be wrong though!


I would very much like to know more about this.


I get you.


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