Last Minute Proving Grounds ESL Tournament Vacancies Xbox One



Team Shear Domination is looking for some last minute players for the upcoming ESL tournament! If you want to play give us the following:

Preferred Classes:
Tournament Experiences:

Here is what we are looking for:

Some of these spots are taken and others are not. The team is flexible and will move members around to accommodate. We also are looking for more permanent members so that if emergencies arise we have players to choose from.


Assuming you’re on Xbox? May want to add it to the title. :slight_smile:


Totally spaced, forgot there was more than the Proving Grounds Tournament tomorrow


The whozamuhwhat now?


You know, that ESL tourney tomorrow, I think there has been a thread or 2 about it lately.


Oh, the one that’s only for Xbone?


Yeah, I think it’s like you win $3 in Monopoly Money


bump it up


Still looking for a player? I was on ain’t got time to bleed for a while, they are called vanquish now. I can play all the classes well but I play medic, support, and assault the best. sun tzu357


GT TomsMeatPlatter

Team Founder’s GT THEoDEAD

If you aren’t on a team and want to play around with us hit either myself or the founder up!