Laser cutter doesn't shoot lasers?


Laser cutter shoots like energy bullets, ergo it doesn’t shoot lasers. So change it’s name. It’s like calling the sky green…

Call it a plasma cutter or something and you’re fine.


I agree, Bucket doesn’t even look like a bucket either!

They should change that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Blakfox, you should make a list of all the weapons and things you think need a name change, and make it into one post.


Only the most elite hunters in the galaxy fight for Shear


Daisy doesn’t even look like a daisy!
Cancelling pre-order.


Goliath doesn’t look like Goliath from the Bible!


you had to say it:


thats because fictional stories didnt have appearances outside of the minds eye. goliath is fine.


I’m preordering THIS game.


His head looks like a Bucket.


Why do you feel the need to post this? honestly…


But Maggie is OK. She looks like a Maggie.


Desire to bring you to his level? Idk, if you don’t let what he says dwell then he’s failed


I’m still laughing because I looked at Hyde and said “Who’s that guy?” and looked up to the original picture, looked back down again and went “OOOOOOOOOOOOOH!” and now I can’t stop laughing, very clever! :laughing:


Wraith doesn’t look like a ringwraith.


Btw, laser cutter was laser cutter in the very first gameplay. Look at this game :wink:

Devs changed the gun but not the name, that’s all.


Yea it used to be a laster that was a steady stream. Now it pulses. It should really be called pulse laser cutter. I’ll start a poll.


Dude we really don’t need a poll over a name on a weapon.


It should be called the shooty shooter… thing… yeah


I think he was joking lol.