Lasarus wildlife revive


While playing rescue, we killed a mammoth bird, than a random player who was playing lazarus came up and rivivified the bird and it attacked us again. What are your thoughts on this, is there any way this could be helpful to the hunters.


Atleast he used his Lazarus Device 1 time, better than most of the other Lazarus i meet ingame hahahaha :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I came across a troll that revived a tyrant only to have himself killed. He claimed if you revive an elite enemy, it loses it’s buff so the monster won’t get it even if he kills and eats the newly revived monster. If that’s true, then he wasn’t trolling I guess, anyone able to confirm this?


Didn’t you know? Lazarus is secretly a PETA Agent.


Never heard about this. But needs to be tested out :smiley:


False, but you can kill it, take the perk, revive it and prevent to monster from getting a free meal (and perk) out of it. You don’t lose the perk when you bring it back to life, hell for things like extra damage you might want it twice…

Edit: Once you pick up a buff, you cannot pick it up again in the match. But you can still deny the monster an easy perk!


I was once last man standing as Laz. Monster on low health, but too much for my sniper to take. So I revivified a dead Tyrant and let it kill him as I cloaked and ran the hell away. :slight_smile:


lool would love to see that live hahahaha sneaky lazarus. i guess this monster will remember your name for ever hahahahaha xD


The buff will still be available to the monster regardless.

My question is what will happen if you get the buff and you revive the creature but then come back once the ability is over? Will it still be available?



Sounds like you had that fight in the bag to begin with. ^.^


Our Trapper domed him one time and it was at Stage Three, full health and armor, and our Medic was down. I was playing Cabot. Hotswapped over when I died. ^.^


Nope, just like dying and dropping back before the buff decay(you loose it on death), once you grab the buff you can’t get it back.


I know the symbol sometimes doesn’t reappear after an elite is revived.


@ConanTheKing Untrue. Reviving an Albino means that you can kill it again for the buff later. I’ve used that technique in the past. To deny a buff, it’s much better to kill the damn thing and leave it. Only takes 2 and a half minutes to rot.


I’ve tried it before with an albino armadon, you can’t pick up a buff twice no matter how many times it’s revived. Only benefit is if only half your team wants a buff now and the other half want it later.


You say that, but due to luck or god’s will, the monster always finds the buff at 1 bar left…


I believe I’ve tried this before, i couldn’t pick up the buff twice… :cry:


Thats why you camp the very important buffs like health regen or damage.


But, like, we thought it was already done, nooooo, the idiot somehow got lucky and found it.

Or that time when u want dune beetles to eat something, and they don’t, or reavers, yeah, that also happens.


I saw a poison hound eat an albino poison hound once. It made me giggle. They also ate an albino mammoth bird before i got the buff that made me mad.