Laptops and gaming


I know there are a bunch of people who are good at computers and stuff so I just got a question.

Is it possible to run evolve or just games in General with good frame rate and quality on a laptop? nothing too fancy just decent frame Rate and graphics.

And how much money would it take to buy a laptop like that?


It definitely can run on some decent laptops. I know my friend and brother are running it on the lowest settings but it runs very smooth. I’ll check with them on prices but their laptops are worth 400–500$


You absolutely can. You are just paying more for the laptop than you would a tower of the same specs. Also, laptops tend to have slightly underclocked cpu’s and gpu’s. Not by a whole lot, just so they don’t overheat as easily or to reduce power usage or something. :smile:


Well it depends, my laptop can run evolve and a good variety of games. If I’m being honest they won’t all the time look pretty, but they might be able to run well with the right tweaking.
@Jedi_Warrior gets what I mean


Yep, you’d rather it look worse but run good fps wise than look amazing but only get 5 frames. :smile:

Completely agree.


I have a laptop that’s an absolute potato. It has, I think a GeForce 840M, and a bad- and I mean BAD, like 1.2 ghz average- Intel CPU. On the minimum settings, I get 55 FPS average. And in my opinion, the graphics are still good on minimum.

So I’d say yes.


You’re looking at around the 700 US dollar range for a good frame rate and quality range.

Less if you’re winning to part with some fancy graphics.


Yes, but for the same price you can build a tower that will run games even better!