Laptop randomly hangs itself, restarts, and then bluescreens and restarts again?


Offtopic because I do NOT play Evolve on my laptop, I play it on my desktop.

Okay so basically I’ve had this problem a while now. I have a Lenovo G500 Laptop which I use for small things like drawing and browsing, but for some reason, EVERY time I’ve had a windows update, at some point not long after, my laptop randomly hangs itself and reboots. I log in, it starts loading up and then AFTER that I get an instant bluescreen with the error:

Now I’ve tried to look around to see what the issue is but I found nothing… Can anyone help me out? It’s starting to get a little irritating when you’re in the middle of a picture and suddenly- RIP.


What OS???


Check for the blue screen code on google there should be a number behind that code too

false configured, old or broken device drivers. (very common)
Corruption in the Windows registry by a recent amendment of the software that is related to Windows (installation or removal).
Infection with viruses or malicious programs which the Windows file or corrupted files related to Windows Operating System has.
Driver conflict after installing new hardware.
Damaged or removed files after system software has been installed, which is related to Windows Operating System.
Error 0x119 blue screen caused by damaged disk.


Windows 8.1


So assuming it’s a broken driver or corrupt RAM (I’m guessing drivers), how would I go about fixing it? Uninstall drivers?


Uninstall driver and install it new again.
Scan for Virus, remove them or install windows new


Yeah, it’s a driver thing for sure. o.O

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If its bad drivers, start the comp in safe mode, review the drivers installed for any red x’s or yellow marks that tell you driver issue. Either delete those or update the bad drivers. If this does not resolve it, download your video drivers to a place you can find them in safe mode. Remove old drivers in safe mode(may need to restart into safe mode again after removal) and install new drivers.

If this is a ram issue, you can dl memtest or something to run a test on the ram. Otherwise, you can remove 1 of the ram sticks, see if the issue goes away, if it does not, put the stick back in and pull the other(shouldnt usually be more than 2 in a laptop). If that fixes it, replace the bad ram stick(or both if you want matching ram)

You may want to try to restore windows to a known good version before this started.

Also, the Blue screen of death should have a stop code. That stop code gives specific info on the issue, more than VIDEO_SCHEDULER_INTERNAL_ERROR usually.

Once again, I would run eventvwr in windows to see what the system is reporting when the crashes happen. This can help us determine a solid resolution for you.

Also, you did not by chance sign up for the free upgrade to windows 10 from 8.1 did you? My friend had a similar driver issue on 8.1 and the upgrade to 10 fixed it. This also may be reason to setup the PC on win 7 if possible as 8.1 has been known to have some real driver issues with laptops specifically.