Laptop GPU GTX 860m 4gb not optimized for Evolve, 5-10 fps on lowest settings


I pre-ordered evolve before the initial first beta. During the time of the first beta I have never, to this day, been able to play the game because of the optimization issues with my particular graphics card. Even on the lowest possible settings I only get about 5-10 fps. I have done everything to reinstalling the game, re-updating drivers, changing files around, defragging, etc… Other people have had the same problem in the past but everyone and myself lost interest in the game. Since the game is back in beta, hopefully I can get some resolution on my problem as I do not want to purchase a new laptop and I would like to play the game that I purchased. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you


Do you have integrated Intel Card as well as the dedicated GPU?

If so, your computer might be using the Intel Card to run the game instead of the 860m. That’s what my laptop did when I first bought it.


Have you tried playing since the new update came out?


Mine did the same thing with a GTX 960M. Changed the preferred graphics card and it worked great afterwards. Haven’t tried it with Evolve Stage 2 though :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure I have an 860m, and it works great. I can play on Very High settings, granted the frame rate drops to like 30.

So I keep it on Medium or whatever it is.


Almost certain that you are actually using integrated card instead of that 860m.


The problem is that the notebook has 2 Video cards, in your specially has a Intel HD graphics for less energy use and the GTX 860m for gaming and probably your notebook is using the INTEL, to play Evolve. (Horrible english, sorry =X)