Language Barrier


I often find myself in games with players who speak another language so in order to work together efficiently I compiled a list of basic words for the ones I have currently come across.

English / Spanish / French / German

I found it / Está aquí / Ici / Hier

Run / Correr / Fuis / Lauf

Medic / Medic / Medic/ Medic (This should be universal)

If anyone sees an error or have any tips for crossing language barriers that would be nice.


I’ve not come across any non English speaking players. Servers maybe?


I imagine the european, south american, and african servers would probably have this more so than the ones we use


At night I run into them, Mostly french Canadians but I have had one game with a German player, it was difficult for everyone to communicate with him. I’m pretty sure the game is region lock but I am not 100% on that.


how do you say “gg no re” in a swag way in other languages?


I think that one is universal.


By now, you would hope so. ^.^


I believe it’s ‘Je the Aimee’ in French, And ‘ich liebe dich’ in german


That’s neat, nice thinking. I actually have this problem a lot. I have a friend and he’s German (like me) but he doesn’t speak English well. I don’t wanna abandon him of course because that’d be rude but it sucks because we can’t properly communicate with the other players. Granted, a lot of times they don’t walk anyways…


Ah, thank god for my passion for language studies.

Still. It’s awkward when you say hi and the other guy says bhujte parlam na.


I feel so embarrassed when I’m caught in that situation.

Glad I took basic French in high school but when it comes to German I feel so lost in trying to understand the context of what their saying.


I believe “verpiss dich” means “revive me” if that helps


That is German, correct?


It is German yes


You are a funny guy.


yeaah yyym no it doesn’t. I speak German and it would be nice if you would stop trolling this thread. Some people actually are trying to come up with useful solution to the language barrier.


Yeah I went on to go learn the pronunciation and its context and got quite the giggle. Least now I know what to say when I’m upset.


hehe also “Ich liebe dich” posted few posts earlier means “I love you”. Also something you don’t wanna spam in chat or via mic to fellow hunters :P.


haha relax buddy. I was waiting to see if OP got it otherwise I was going to correct it


Ok :slight_smile: I guess there is nothing wrong with a good banter :stuck_out_tongue: if it’s done in civilized way and not misleading…for too long :stuck_out_tongue: