Lagging and slow

My game is going slow and some time showing memory allocation error .and lagging too much how to fix it?

What game is this?


I mean, with no other information to work from, it sounds like your pc is low on memory. So when your RAM is used up, you begin using virtual memory, which is slow, and using it will make any game’s FPS stutter badly.

Actually running out of memory on PC (which generally means all available virtual memory used up too) is rather unusual. If that’s what’s happening, you gotta put a stop to it, because it can crash Windows, and worst case, leave system files corrupted.

You could run out of virtual memory if your system is configured so as to not have enough, or one of the programs you’re running has a memory leak so massive that no amount is enough.

Messing with virtual memory settings is a bit risky, and best for advanced users, so I’d avoid that — but if you in the past deliberately reduced your virtual memory page file size for some reason, I’d say put it back.

More to the point, first try freeing up memory on your system while you play games. Shut down all extraneous programs. Change settings on your game to use smaller textures, if that’s available.

Adding RAM to your pc always helps too, of course! :slight_smile:


Turn down the settings and make sure nothing else is running the background