Lag on PC Hunt Mode


I have a PC and its more than capable of running Evolve, But my issue is rare, it happens and its a pain for the whole game, took ages to find a hunt match, (the only mode I enjoy playing) and when hunters get close things freeze up and start getting echo like sounds, wtf is this? am i the only one that gets this as the hunters seem uneffected by any of it and of course I get destroyed, Goliath takes about 3-4 maybe even four time linger to throw a rock which by then is pointless as he already takes long enough doing this. Ok rant over, Im just annoyed as it took literally 40mins to an hour to find a game and leaving arena mode and calico defend to search for a hunt match,

If anyone has any idea what this laggy thing is i would appreciate it, Thanks for your time


Changed it to bugs since that seems to be a bug.


Thanks appreciate that