Lag may make me quit this game

I love this game to death and I love playing it. I play all hunters, all roles, and all monsters, and i play them well. I have almost every single character elited and i have poured hours and hours into this game. But I can’t play this game anymore. I literally can not play it due to the lag. It doesn’t matter what i am playing the lag kills me every single game.

I play as a hunter and i can’t find the monster because when i see him i shoot and he ends up halfway across the map by the time the gun goes off. As assault i can’t track the monster to get damage, as medic i can’t track hunters to heal them, and trapper i can’t find the monster to dome him, and as support I can’t anticipate the monsters movements to counter with hank or sunny or cabot.

Monster is even harder. My auto attacks are delayed by 4 or 5 seconds. When i use an attack it takes 4 or 5 seconds to even go into the animation and by that time the hunters are 50m away. I can’t lead the hunters with my attacks because i don’t know where they are going. I can’t move, i can’t attack, i can’t run away to eat. My sneak attacks literally do not even go off into the animation the monster just stays in the same sneak position i was before hammering the trigger button and the wildlife or hunter is already gone and then the monster isn’t even in sneak mode any more and just starts auto attacking.

When I play as a monster i don’t ever lose in a pub match. Im not bragging its just fact… but I have probably about 10 losses due to lag because I couldn’t do anything. It is the most frustrating thing ever to try and play this game when I literally can’t move or attack as a hunter or monster.

All i want to do is just play the game and have fun instead of yelling at the damn screen because I can’t do anything. I don’t know if it is my own connection or if it is the game itself but I am seriously considering leaving this game forever because its not even fun to play anymore if its lagging like that.

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Just curious, but what do your internet speeds look like?
I’ve heard a lot of ppl complain about lag (like AquaticDevil) but I’ve never had too many issues with it myself. Not sure if it’s my service or maybe the game settings I changed.

ALSO, please use some paragraph breaks in there it’s fairly hard to read :smile:

I dont mind long reads, but as soon as i see giant solid blocks of text, my eyes wander off and oh look a bird

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You are not alone

Ping sometimes goes [250-900] or even 1400 ms

In progress match [ 2000- 3998] ms and then stayed normal at 300 ~

But most cases [110-170] ms

It frustrates me and effect game’s results when it does happen

It depends on couple of factors

  1. How fast is your connection ISP
  2. Nat open
  3. Servers or players you play with [ USA or Europe] … The nearest to your location [Ping] or [Latency]

Sorry for the large paragraph lol, i was kind of venting.

My ping usually starts at around 1000-1500 in a match then goes down to about 200-900 during the game. It is very rare that I get anything below 150. I honestly don’t know if its my connection or what, but I live in CO which is pretty much in the center of the US so it probably isn’t due to distance. I would also like to note that all the other players are playing at around 50-70.

I play on PS4 and I honestly don’t think i have ever played a game where there was no lag… sometimes the lag isn’t as bad but sometimes it is completely ridiculous and I can’t even see where the players actually are. I don’t even know if there are even settings i can change that would make a difference.

It is very frustrating because I am a really good player. Its one thing to lose outright to someone when its fair (and I don’t make excuses in those occasions), but it is a completely different thing when you lose to someone because of lag especially when I know that i could beat them easily without it (like if i’m playing monster and I manage to get one or two downs with extreme lag I know I could easily take them all without it)

I feel your pain. (>._.)> There there.

I play with Euro and American friends all the time. All the time. I’m so used to lag that I guess I don’t even notice it anymore…And I prettymuch CAN’T play monster. :stuck_out_tongue: No chance of doing anything as the monster with above 150 MS, and I consistently get like 300-500. Plus all my friends probably think I suck because I cannot dodge a damn thing with that lag. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s like trudging through molasses while playing dodgeball and it sucks.

I feel the same way- losing because of lag, and knowing that everyone thinks you probably suck, is pretty awful. :stuck_out_tongue:

tl;dr- Soldier on. :stuck_out_tongue: You’ll learn to play with it and accept the fact that you’ll never be able to play to your fullest. I’m so used to lag now that playing without it feels weird. :{

I understand that you’re playing on those servers for the sake of playing with friends, but when no one is available and you still feel like playing, or just want to play monster against random people, try out Japanese servers. Your ping should be good there and player base on those is not completely dead, especially during evenings.

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Jap servers? Never tried those, I will next time I’m alone. Thanks!

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