Lag at the beginning of the match


Okay so i have no problem with the game at all :smiley:
Beside lags at the beginning of the match launching, which take from 10 to 20 seconds, so as a monster i’m pretty much left wide open for people to catch me up with a distance of 10 seconds gap before they land on the map with me.
Sometimes it’s all good but sometimes it’s super laggy depending on a random effect.
It went to such hilarious results that before the game starts i’m force to take a break and let a bot begin the game for me.

Here is a screen shot of the animation of my kraken eating ending at the begining of the match.

Hilarious :smiley:

Would be nice if the game would begin after everyone loads and not loading everyone separately and people that loaded first have the advantage in game.


I have played the game tons, and am level 40 with a couple Elites. Not once have I loaded in before or after others however. The only times this may have happened were if I joined into an in progress game that had JUST started. But it’s understandable that this would happen, so it’s not a major issue.

As a major Monster player myself, I know how important the first minute is, and loading in late would suck. Are you sure this isn’t your internet however and not the game itself? How often does this happen? 1 in 5 games? in 10?


I’d say it happends in most game to my experiance, it simply takes additional rendering for the map to work properly.
Rather annoying, but i master the way of using that 10 seconds of free time to run as hell.