Lacking Substance


I really feel like this game doesn’t have any substance or contact. I’m trying to work out what i paid £45.00 for when games like The Last of Us and GTA V are the same price…

I feel like I paid for £45.00 for the equivalent of the Zombie game that comes with some of the older CoD games for free.

There is no satisfaction in killing anything, i just feel like i am aimlessly shooting or stomping stuff. There is no satisfaction in the character progression. All the maps feel the same to me. There are only 2 game modes which feel very similar.

Maybe I’m missing something here?


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Do you play with friends? I find I have the best experience when I’m in a call with buddies and we’re hunting each other down. It’s the best feeling.


Alright, essentially all of what you said was pure opinion, but sure. If Evolve is so bad, why are you still here? On its forums? Talking about it?

That’s just a blatantly untrue statement.

That’s entirely subjective and. Entirely. Thousands of people disagree.

False. There are four entirely different game modes with literally no similarities. Then there is one gigantic campaign mode which ties them together and has over 800,000 potential combinations.

You are missing a couple of things in fact. I’d rather not be rude here, so I won’t say it, but you know as well as I do.

If you don’t enjoy Evolve, then go play Cod Zombies or TLOU. Have fun, I guess.


Heeey, don’t lump in TLOU with the likes of COD ;~;


Sorry, I never actually played the MP in it. SP was a work of art though, but I can’t imagine it having this level of replay-ability.

That was a brilliant game, but I digress.


its not a game about substance, it’s about seeing somebody’s inflated ego and crushing it mercilessly (ie having twitch in your name)

just like COH2 and all strategy games, once you break an opponent the game is won.

if you focus on one guy and pounce him relentlessly he’ll be crying by the end of the match, or just leave. there’s nothing more funny than sneaking along behind hunters and pouncing their last man.

the game doesn’t need weight of content. it gives you an insight into the hunter/hunted mindset and has pretty good production values.

it’s actually playable on and before release too, which is more than you could say for bf4.

the last of us gives you a shallow linear singleplayer experience. every game of evolve is different. once you play and win a game you can get into your opponent’s head. before then, even. the battle of morale begins as soon as the hunters land. nothing worse than landing on banshee mines and getting all of your party -50%hp

L4D2 was worth the $60 price tag on release. it has lower quality content and less of it. (no offence TR just goes to show that you stepped up to the line again with new technology)

GTA was widely marketed for multiplayer heists. never saw those. empty promises. evolve has everything promised.