Lack of PPT for PC controllers users


Dear Turtle Rock,

I enjoy playing Evolve using a controller, for a game like Evolve, it is essential to have audio communication, visual(waypoints, typing) communication is simply not sufficient enough for hunters to do well in the game.

However currently for the controller users on PC, there is not a button on the controller for PPT, and PPT could not be rebind to any button on a controller. Resulting controller users either never talk or using a open mic which could be VERY VERY annoying.

It would be very helpful if turtle rock is able to fix this problem in future patch.



Isn’t the problem that there is a lack of buttons for a key binding for the PTT button?


Well i think at least we should get to set the key binding ourselves instead of picking one out of four. If that is possible, i wouldn’t mind pressing two buttons at the same time for PPT.