Lack of Maps and Modes / Current issues with game



Are we ever going to get all of the modes and maps back?
I’m loving that the game has gone free to play but there’s a few things that annoy me currently and make the game only enjoyable for short play times, not long binges like I used to do.

  • Less Maps
  • Less Modes
  • Much harder for the monster to stealth around because of the new trapper ability
  • Has become more of a 1v4 brawl than a hunting game

Hope to see this addressed at some point or if they’ve already commented on it then that’s awesome. I just wish the game was as it was before everyone ditched it because of the DLC’s.


They’re working on revising the maps and even creating map variants! I’m unsure of the modes, for now I think it will be mostly hunt until the other modes are adjusted for Stage 2. I disagree on the stealth unless you were trying to hide the entire round. As for hunting, well people wanted to do less following and more fighting. I can’t say that I blame them. :slight_smile:


Stealth is still a very viable option. You just can’t sneak your way to stage three and expect to live. Which is a really good thing, because then you’d have a good with literally no gameplay besides a stage three relay fight - And those are awfully boring on their own.


For me stage 2 is a great success! The huge increase in player base made the waiting times a lot more bearable. The teams seem more balanced. The fights are more frequent and take longer than before, which ultimately means more fun (unless you wanna be the sneaky monster, that wipes the floor with the hunters once it reached stage3. But that was only fun for 1 out of 5 players). With the new dome mechanic helped to make the game more forgiving when your trapper sucks. The new support mechanic help to avoid the ALL HANK meta, although he is still the best pick, but the other supports have become a little more viable non-the-less. Perk system has become more interesting too. Daily challenges are fun. I’ve always liked this game, but i’ve never had more fun playing it, than the last 3 days. I hope Stage 2 becomes the success this game always deserved to be. We’ve got enough generic online shooters already!

The lack of maps is indeed a bit of a letdown, but i’m confident they’ll add others over time. And i personally like it when new stuff is coming frequently. Keeps things fresh and interesting. I wonder if they ever add new hunters/monsters as well, but i don’t think they will anytime soon.


Four hunter variants are done. IIRC they said every two weeks they will release a new hunter variant.
When the Wraith variant will come, I do not know.

GrizzleMarine said in that Evolve PubCast that Electro Griffin and Renegade Abe will bring fundamental gameplay changes. Whatever that means… :smiley:



Don’t get me wrong guys, I love the game immensely, I have ever since it came out and no doubt will continue to in the future. I love the new dome mechanic and the fights are more frequent and rewarding. The only problem I have is that while the stealth isn’t impossible, I do like to play a stealthy game when I can, it isn’t as viable when the trappers track ability is up so quickly. This means finding the monster requires little skill when it outlines the monster when you get close to it and tells you which direction it is no matter where you are on the map or which direction you’re facing. As someone that tends to do rather well on monster no matter which tactic I go with, it’s just a shame that one of the tactics has been made less viable. That said it has opened the game up for newer players which in the long run is a great thing.

… now it’s just a wait for those other maps so that things don’t get stale.


Ofc, you’re right. I actually meant completely new, not just variants. New variants are welcome, but not as interesting as completely new hunters with completely new mechanics and personalities.


Recharge is 30 seconds, less with Bucket around. That gives you 30 seconds to sneak up on a team and ambush them. Ambushes are a stealth technique.

It gives a general indication, doesn’t show distance. As such a trapper will still need to take a gamble.

It does this for a few measly seconds, before giving you 30 seconds of free stealth play again. Run one way while highlighted by the planet satellite, then off to a different direction right after. Unless they see you changing direction, in which case you’re sloppy, you’ve now sent them off on a goose chase.