Lack of Kala Tutorial thoughts


I read what people said about them not including a video tutorial on Kala. I’m sorry, but what a load of rubbish. If it isn’t done, that’s fine, but don’t do it to skip out on hd space. “We’re doing it for YOU! We only have videos of every single character in the game EXCEPT ONE, to save you space!” No. Come on now. There is nothing in the game that explains what she does. Why don’t you remove all of the videos in a patch then, and just create a link to a browser popup in the game for your channel playlist? Something’s weird here - unprofessional perhaps. If it isn’t done, that’s fine, just don’t skip out putting it in the game or at least get rid of all of them if you really want to shrink the game’s footprint.


To my understanding the Devs wnated to save space for the game and put them on youtube, but I don’t know for sure.

@10shredder00, am I correct? I apologize if I’m a bit off.


Considering that she is the last character, I hope that isn’t the actual reason. That would be a lousy one.


Pretty much it.
Save space, download patch quicker, play sooner.


They weren’t included to save space/have smaller patch sizes, I can confirm that.

On this:

That’s the end goal, but ripping out stuff requires a bit more work than just not putting something in. :slightly_smiling:

Kala's tutorial videos missing
So can someone direct me to Kala's tutorial videos?
Does TRS have any space left for new hunters?

However they may as well of put hers in since the rest are already.


It seems pretty clear the end goal is to remove videos to make space for other stuff! I read today console only have so much space they let one game use.

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I would have liked the tutorials…there was no need to skip them.


That would be nice, and then you could maybe include something about watching the tutorials on YT or the evolvegame website


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