Lack of dropship conversations


I have noticed for the past couple months now that there are very few dropship conversations. Usually just a one-liner from cabbage or a motivational wine from whoever. It’s never a conversation between several characters. I really used to enjoy these conversations when they would happen.
I’m curious if anyone else is going through this issue. Those conversations were awesome and i would really like to start hearing them again.


Same but I’m sure once the new hunters and monster are released, the ship will be booming with dialogue.


:wine_glass: [motivation intensifies]


I get the awkward silent dropship a good 50% of the time. Its really sad because the dialog is great. When I do get dialog its the same ones over and over too. There are a few I have only ever heard once and probably many more I never heard because I get none or the same ones.

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It’s more like 75% of the time for me. And when I’m with friends it’s silent every single drop. My buddy and I actually get frustrated with not hearing a single conversation. Haven’t heard one in months.


Months? Really?! That sounds hard to believe. I would be frustrated at that too.

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I’m telling you it’s been months since the last time I’ve heard a convo. I play pretty consistently every night for like 3 hours with my buddies


That really sucks. I don’t even know…


I’ve changed the category to bugs - this doesn’t sound like it should be happening given how much dialogue is in the game!