Lack of content? Pah!


I just had to write this down. Because I’ve read so, so, SO many bad reviews about Evolve, and they all only focus on 2 completely false claims. The DLC, which I’m not even going to go into because that’s a whole other debate. And then the, “lack of content.” Since a game has no single player, it has “no content.”

I have 144 hours invested in Evolve, 24 of which is just Goliath!! The unique flow of each monster is amazing. How different they are, down to the core is incredible. You really few like an animal being stalked in the wild, sneaking around for food. And then you can turn the tables so fast, gain the advantage. I’m getting off track though.

My point is, each character, each individual hunter adds SO much to the game. I realized today, I have almost NEVER played Abe. Not because I don’t like him, his darts are a great tracking tool. I just hardly play Trapper, and when I do I generally go with Griffin, because that harpoon gun is unforgiving, or Maggie because Daisy is such an amazing game mechanic, and the those harpoon traps are so fun. Crow is super cool too, very tricky, I just get so much enjoyment out of harpooning a monster. :laughing:

Anyways, I guess I just find it crazy when I hear everybody screaming “lack of content” because to me this game has infinite amounts of content. So many Hunter combinations, and different monster builds, and I feel like the maps are actually pretty huge. The vital team coordination. I feel like this game has more replay ability than anything I’ve played. I don’t replay, single player campaigns unless they’re crazy fun, and even then I might only play it through again. A single player campaign doesn’t mean more content. I admit it means less of a steep learning curve, which I feel is what turns a lot of people away. You really need to learn the classes, and everybodys kits. But that doesn’t mean there’s LESS content by any means, it means there’s more because you have tactics to learn, strategies to conceive!!! You aren’t planning how you’re bringing down the last A.I. Boss in a storyline. You’re fighting something far more intimidating, another human, fully capable of destroying your entire team if you can’t work together to outsmart him. Every round is the greatest boss fight I’ve ever played, and it’s so fun. I’ve never felt it get repetitive, and I hope people agree.


Yea I’ve never understood the lack of content arguments. This game has the same amount of content most multiplayer games start with these days, maybe a bit less, but the content it had was so good and unique (hasn’t been a game like this in YEARS) that it instantly justified the price for me, especially since I got over 150 hours before the new hunters and monster were released.

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I agree that there’s plenty of chance at diversity. Problem is with the people who picked all the same characters/monsters because they’re the best.

The amount of Caira/Sunny/Torvald/[Insert tracker] vs. Kraken matches I’ve seen…


Only 144? Psh, noob. I kid, I agree with you fully, I judge content by how much I play, not by how much there is for me to play with (even though the combos leave near unlimited amounts of stuff to play with. Its too bad hunters always find the easiest combos then spam them :/)