L4DNation Discord - Versus, Campaign, Modders & More!


Lemme help you: imgur.com


Now son, you’ll have to direct that to the person who uploaded it Shane.


Disgusted Shame or disapproving LadyAuPair?


Yes? :confounded:


Ask and I shall deliver:



adding it to the album


Was that not a known gif before? lol
I enjoy it, it’s how I feel sometimes at work


This is perfect. I can use these as image responses on forums now!


Played another game night with @skills4u2envy & @mizx on Dark Carnival. However, Mizx wouldn’t let go of that darned gnome :stuck_out_tongue: come hell and high water.


I think there was crack in that gnome.


Our little Discord just reached 320 members and is still growing!

I am looking about partnering up with a community-driven Left4Dead Facebook page to try and get us noticed there as well.

My work is never done!


You thinking about becoming a Discord Partner? Or does the server already have partnership?


We’re thinking about getting the server partnered.

I don’t own the server though, it belongs to NF. So he’ll have to apply for the partnership sometime down the road. It was a mutual decision to have him be the owner instead of myself, for reasons.


We finally got around to making a steamgroup for the Discord ->

It’ll mainly be used to help spread awareness of the Discord to new people, but also might be used to schedule community co-op nights.


We finally past the 400 member milestone yesterday. Our little Discord is getting bigger and bigger! However, I feel like we are finally hitting a wall. I don’t really know what’s left to reach out to now so our increase of members is probably going to slow down if i can’t find more platforms! :frowning:

On a side note, @Shaners when is our next game together girrrrl!?