L4DNation Discord - Versus, Campaign, Modders & More!


I’m down! Which game?


We should start with L4D!



Why would you use a gif from L4D2?

Come on, man!


It’s the only l4d gif that fit the response I was going for :frowning:


To be fair, there aren’t many.

Also, you gotta be careful because it took less than a minute to find an NSFW L4D gif. :scream:


Well tbh,SFM are the father of NSFW lewd content of game character



We still playing @7PM PST @3bx


Yeah, I’m down!


Awesome. Cody and I will be ready.

Cody, you’ll have to add 3bx since my account is private. @mizx


Room for 1 if anyone wants to join us :slight_smile:

add me if so! http://steamcommunity.com/id/mizx


I can’t play tonight but if anybody is streaming, let me know I wanna watch!



For anyone who missed the game night, I took the liberty of recording as well as streaming. I’ve uploaded the games to YouTube. Enjoy our Dead Air and No Mercy games!


Thank you for doing this!


Np m8! Enjoy the 1080p @ 60 fps. You can watch @Shaners being super silly throughout the entire thing! :joy: and also killing her team!


I expect nothing less!

Edit: Damn you, photobucket!


Photobucket :frowning:


Yeah, it was a disapproving Shane gif…