Kyojin! Xbox One ESL team recruiting for MLG team or ESL B-team


Ohai! ^.^
I am the leader of the ESL team Kyojin. We had a recruitment a few weeks back, and we picked up one or two people for subs on our ESL team. We are still looking for an Assault and a Trapper to sub myself and our current trapper if we’re unavailable on ESL, and we are also looking for some people of any class (inc. monster) that will be available alot to rep us on MLG when we’re busy practicing for ESL tournaments etc.

Our team is currently 1st on the ESL leaderboards this month, our current monster is the no.1 Wraith in America and our whole hunter team have been playing since the beta, we are all dedicated to winning and having fun while we do so ^.^!

We’re a very tight nit group, so other than being good at the game, you’d have to have a mic, be sociable and communicate with us in game, preferably be over 18, and have a genuine interest in playing competitively.

If you’re interested, my GT is Blue Velvette, send me a message and Ill make sure to get back to everyone asap ^.^

Thanks guys! :blush:


Damn. I’m on PC sadly. ;-; If only cross-platform was a reality.


Ah, maybe someday! :smile:


I am definitily all of those! I am on a GB team with some guys but am flexible. I main medic, but my second best is trapper. Play all pretty well, best with Grif though.

GT is Xlifathomilx…those are upper case i’s :slight_smile:


Hey Fathom, I’ll hit you up tonight if you’re on ^.^


gt is IAU MURDER i play support and assault . i have a medic as well . Looking for a good team to play with.


Rank 2 Crow on XBOX1. I play seriously and I would love to join you. Feel free to message me on XBOX1.

Gamertag: HeartShapedBoxx


Oh okay i see how it is


Haha Hearty, I’ll hit you up later :smile:


Hey Doughnut! I will send you a message on xbox when we’re on and we’ll get you in for some customs ^.^


Hey Murder! I’ll send you a message when we’re on and we can do some customs! :smile:


I would love to try out for your ESL B team. Not sure if you guys have a good medic yet but I am a pretty solid Caira. Also my support is pretty solid as well. My GT on XB1 is poo2moo. Hit me up. Thanks!


My team recently disbanded due to scheduling issues, but it was a top tier team in ESL. Im primarily a Trapper with a specialization in Griffin and Abe. I’d be interested in trying out with your team and seeing what you guys are about. Gamer tag is: CHOZO GHOSTS