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Most people complain about Kraken but, why? Some say his abilities are OP. I think he is OP because his traversal is different. I think they should make his traversal like Behemoth’s stamina bar. Credit goes to @IanBreaker for the idea.


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What do you mean “like Behemoth’s”? With a stamina bar to limit flight time? Kraken’s traversal might be the only thing about him that actually needed a buff at any point. Currently, it’s the slowest traversal by far, and he’s easy to catch on the chase because of it.


I believe he should be affected by slows more, have his traversal regeneration go a lot faster when airborne and a lot slower when grounded AND have his maximum height increased.

This would make him harder to take down due to his altitude but he’ll have a harder time staying in the air from slows. Additionally once he’s on the ground if he has no traversals or is harpooned he’ll be open for the Assault to attack until he takes flight again but that will take time.


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We take balance seriously.


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While krakens main means of transportation does factor into his current state of balance- I dont think its a soul contributor in what makes kraken “Op”.

The list of things that make kraken as powerful as he is, is a long one- A VERY long one. Which i could ramble on for ages about, but will save that for another day/elsewhere. I WILLl say however that I think kraken can be, and should be, balanced around his traversal “as it is” (more on this in a moment).

Some people think that kraken is “slow”- I really do not think this is the case. Quite the contrary, I think his overall map speed is actually fine. I feel however that many people simply perceive kraken to be slow because of how much chip damage he takes on the chase, and how easy he is to track. Realistically, kraken spreads on the hunters about as fast as any other monster. On quite a few maps over quite a bit of terrain, he can keep up (or in some contexts exceed) goliath. While flying kraken moves at about 9-10 meters per second (compared to a base of 7.5 for the other monsters, 5.5 for the hunters)- With a 15ish meter air burst (depends in a couple things, if you do it from the air or ground, current momentum, etc) every 6 seconds. For comparison Goliath on flat ground will traverse 30-35’ish meters with a single traversal which he regains at a rate of 1 per 11 second (and it takes a couple seconds to travel this distance). This will be further if he jumps from “height” (which he has to climb, unless hes going downhill already), or shorter going up hill.

But BECAUSE kraken is in the air with his traversal, flying in a relatively predictable path, its easy for the hunters to maintain longer LoS on kraken. And again, because hes up in the air- And theyre maintaining LoS on the Kraken, its easier to observe where hes going.

As for the topic at hand- Ive thought about the concept of kraken having a behemoth like stamina bar. Being able to use a chunk of it to air burst, having to come down when its gone.

But having taken more time to think about it, im leery about this being the way to go. This will “naturally” force kraken to land for extended period of time. This would utterly cripple him, without some other serious changes to accompany it. And TBH, i dont think kraken should be inherently forced to the ground- I think it should be up to the hunters to force kraken to the ground.

THAT said, i do agree that their current forms of CC are NOT largely adequate enough to do this within a “fair” manner. And while I do not necessarily agree with Shredders proposed changes, I do agree that things like stasis should impact him a bit more than they currently do.

One of those “many things” that makes kraken so great, that people often overlook, is his ability to maintain Auto-attack damage on ANYTHiNG and EVERYTHING in Los. And to put things into context (i know i know, its my favorite word), the big bad bruiser has to be in your face Goliath, does consistent light attacks worth 90 damage. Be it stage 1, 2, or 3. krakens snowballs do 120 damage. AND these scale up with his stage, unlike goliath (currently). At stage 3, krakens snow balls are doing 50% more damage per hit than goliaths consistent light attacks. Fifty percent. To anything and everything in LoS.

Now what happens when goliath is in stasis? He gets a nice speed reduction. He crawls around now at about 3 meters per second (without move speed). Kraken? Sure it forces him to use his traversals to maintain himself in the air, instead of allowing him to keep a pool of them to get some bursts in, but hes still up there, and while hes up theres- hes moving at 9-10 meters per second the whole time. What happens to goliath when he gets his mobility crippled by stasis? He can no longer maintain his auto attack damage, which is a huge source of damage. What happens when kraken is under stasis? He gets to maintain his consistent damage on anything in LoS. I strongly feel being hit with stasis should at a minimum, slow down the speed at which kraken throws snowballs, to make the ability more in line to what it does to EVERY other monster.

I can go on and on.


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