Kraken's Stamina Broken


I’ve noticed a lot lately that when I use my second airburst it consumes the stamina bar for the third and I’m unable to use the third bar. It’s becoming really annoying and I consistently get caught due to this. Is this a known bug?


yes known since day 1


So why hasn’t this been fixed in the patches ._. it’s starting to get annoying ever since I picked up Kraken.


thats what every kraken player is asking.


It isn’t a bug, its to stop nerds mashing space bar for braindead dome escapes


No, that IS a bug. And it’s quite annoying when it happens randomly for no reason. Along with the little bug of Kraken going straight up in the air, not being able to move and needing to land before trying again.


If that were the reason then why wouldn’t Wraith and Goliath have the same thing?