Krakens sneak pounce is too good, needs a longer wind up


I have had this problem with the sneak pounce since the alpha and its too good on Kraken, so here is the scenario in the beta I played against the #2 Kraken on PC I think his name was soverignkitten or something and he used this technique, which I call an exploit where he abused the sneak pounce. You would think that it would be ineffective in combat but because Krakens sneak pounce is so fast it can be used to stun the hunters and get them caught in that animation, and we played this guy a couple times but as soon as the assault is focus with this trick the whole team crumbles, some say that a Kraken on the ground is a dead Kraken, but with this using Kraken was no different than Golitath. So my proposal would be to lengthen the wind up because I tried the same thing with Goliath and it is no where near as effective because you can see it coming and adjust but with Kraken it just jumps on you, below I will post a link.

Note: I did this no where near perfect but I had to emulate it.

Monster Sneak Attack is so Broken

Checked the video and it didnt seem that strong. It is just unencountered yet so people are not prepared. You also normally have 2 people shooting constantly. The assault and the supporter, sometimes even the trapper. While it is true, that one guy is being taken out more of the fight it also lowers the monsters dps, which you can check for yourself in your own video. The DPS isnt great.


hank preotection shield solves this problem easy


I can see what you mean, but still even then landing a pounce is a strategy that needs several variables and won’t be effective in so many cases to make it a viable strategy, methinks. Especially with the slowish Kraken.

I’ll try it though, and I’ll see how it works.


The only issue I have with stealth pounce is that it can’t be broken by a downed teammate’s pistol. You can’t have much of a last stand if all the monster has to do is pounce you for a guaranteed win.


A good Medic/Support will punish you hard for doing something like this. A good Assault will know how to get away after one pounce(Jetpack dodge up). If the Hunter team knew what they were doing in your video that dome would of been your death. That is one of the worst areas to get caught as Kraken.


Oh, I feel your pain… I remember facing him as well. I did mention this when I gave some feedback. …but with all honesty, I don’t think I’ve met anyone that has ‘abused(?)’ this other than sovereign. I did it yesterday, with Kraken of course, at stage two with the sneak pounce damage buff. It wasn’t pretty, for the hunters of course!

Also, the fact that it is rarely seen, I don’t think it should really be something that they should focus their attention on. There are far worse things in-game that surely surpass that. [Playing Wraith, winning for certain, using abduction and getting stuck midway animation and unable to do anything but die to the hunters… Only happened once but sure wasn’t fun]

But back on topic, like @hai and @taskforcem85 said, you have teammates, they’re there to help. Orbital the sneaking monsters; punish him dearly! Toss some Bucket Sentries all around! Spread out, don’t be hugging each other. There’s a few things one can do to try and counter this. All team dependent of course. Play your role, communicate, get it done!

Anyways, best of luck to ya’!


trust me the shield wont do anything when a vortex sends you flying or i force markov out of your vision.


the problem with kraken is that it has the fastest sneak pounce and it really has no cooldown in between, as i stated above this is nowhere near the complete way to do it the dude i played in the beta was wiping level 20 teams with this strat,


medic and support will do nothing if you keep he assault out of their vision and trust me krakens sneak pounce come so fast you wont jetpack out of the way.


Unless I am mistaken, where was the support that entire fight?


yeah i know what you mean but i just wanted to bring this to light, because it can easily be fixed by changing a number in file like devs always say, but you are correct there are bigger problems, and this strategy if played right could be a problem.


the support was out but i will make another vid with val and hank to see just how effective this is.


Try making a custom game with some friends and try finding some strats to counter this. Toxic grenades, mines, sentries, Laz, orbitals, shield projectors, damage amps, ect. Try using different combinations to learn how to counter


Interesting video, but you only got shot once during a pounce - that would be why it was effective. It only takes one bullet per pounce to completely negate that strategy.

People may not know this, but it must be damaging - heals and harpoons don’t cancel the attack.


It is a lot harder to avoid and prevent the pounce than it looks, the hunters want to spread out so they cant get AOE’d but doing this leaves them to susceptible to a pounce, the idea is not to punce for damage but to pounce to disable their movement. How many times did you see that assault fire his gun? not many and he was the damage dealer though it is still early and i might be overreacting.


Again, had there been a full team there, your pounce would have gotten interrupted with more haste. Healer SHOULD be healing, maybe a single napalm couldn’t hurt, the hunter I have no idea what he was doing. and the Support was missing.

Sounds to me you simply had a incompetent hunter team, or this took place during a cripplingly bad scenario.


To be honest, all I saw there was a hunter team with plenty of high ground but none of it in use, a team not shooting during a pounce and not dodging upwards. I do agree that it looks a little too fast to interrupt with damage (but I’d need a Kraken pouncing at me to be sure) but I really question how broken it is. I mean, at one point Caira was just shooting healing grenades on your pounced target and didn’t once napalm you. Seems like a pubstomp tactic at best (one which I expect the support or assault to knock you out of every time, not like you can pounce both of them). I’d still make it slower because I doubt taking a moment to pounce will harm the pounce’s typical use.


I agree it was a pubstomb and i would like to test it on a better team but as you said it is clearly too fast and it would not hurt the functionality if it were toned down a bit because this does not work at all with golaith and he has a longer wind up before the pounce.


I’m actually kind of tempted to try it now but I tend to play the flying menace style of Kraken (especially after realising that you can shoot banshee mines like bullets and avoid getting them shot down, been doing it wrong in the alpha and beta). I’ve just been enjoying pouncing as Wraith with decoy. It’s suprising how often medics will put themselves on a high point out of LoS.