Kraken's mastery question


For kraken’ vortex mastery 3rd star. If I hit say 4 hunters in mid-air in one shot does that count as 4? Or does that count as one occurrence?


fortunately, it counts as four - at least I think it did as I was earning it. If you plan on grinding it, do it on colonial water and power in defend mode, just before the final objective. Hunters love jumping around there.


Sounds good thanks


It’s still a major pain though. I have three out of like three hundred. :expressionless:


I get them fast. I usually follow up lightning with vortex real fast in a corner lol.


And now I have to unlock Kraken and then do it all over again from Tier 1! Yay! :slight_smile:


Lol why? Sounds more like torture


Yeah…I’m a bit of a perfectionist…


Any pointers on how to keep this guy in the air ?


I’m at 107 lol not too bad.


I got 3 star in Kraken Vortex without trying on it. It’s those mines that always bothered me.

Aftershock too, but that’s because I don’t use it.


I did the mines in 3 or 4 games. Aftershock was done in 2 games. Lightning strike was done first. And vortex is easy just time consuming. I have 107 right now and that only took 4 or 5 games.