Kraken's long range melee needs a debuff


So I’ve recently discovered how fairly OP it is for Kraken to just hang there in the sky going left and right spamming melee.

It does way too much damage for the fire rate and the splash radius is nuts too.

Had one guy do it at stage 1 and he nearly wrecked my whole team besides me(public match, terrible coordination)
He was smart enough to lure them to a Tyrant and they blindly just sorta ignored it in favour of shooting the monster, I was the only one to think yeah get on a rock…

But anyway he was floating there for like 3 minutes just blasting away and nobody could hit him that well at all 'cause we had me as Griffin, Bucket, Markov and Lazarus.

I’m still learning the harpoon so didn’t get him that many times but Griffin is ESSENTIAL against a Kraken doing this but even then barely makes a difference, stasis grenades are useless, so are harpoon traps, so are toxic grenades and arc mines, orbital barrage is pathetically easy to dodge from the sky and sentry guns are easy to get away from or just blast.

(we won the match because I had the sense to escape, twice and then the guy ran out of time just as he went stage 3)

I tried this myself and it was extremely easy I had about a third health in Defend with a minute to destroy the final generator which had 3/4 health.
Wrecked it with no problems just had to spam melee, lightning strike and vortex.
I believe I was against Abe(everyone picks him for Defend…), Markov, Cabot and Lazarus.

My Kraken game isn’t even that strong really not even half done his second set of mastery challenges. Up until that point the Hunters done really well, though Defend isn’t my strong point with Monsters mostly play as Hunter.

None of the Hunter weapons besides Griffin’s harpoon seem built to take on a flying opponent at all.
The new Hunters don’t sound like they’ll be super helpful either, at least Assault doesn’t anyway I doubt hitting Kraken with mortars will be any kind of simple.

Kraken’s strength is it’s flight and ranged attacks but the melee is way too much, it’s too easy to dodge everything while constantly spamming it it’ll take forever just to get through the armour at which point the monster can just leave easily anyway.

TL;DR Kraken’s long range melee needs some kind of debuff because you can just stay in the sky dodging everything and constantly spamming it.

It just feels kinda cheap, more so than spamming Wraith.


The whole point of Kraken is long range harassment; nerfing his bolts is like nerfing Goliath’s punch, its his only source of damage when his skills are on cooldown.

Then what does this have to do with his bolts? He outplayed you and your team, get over it.

This is usually determined by player skill; but, Griffin is the worst against Kraken, fallowing Maggie. Stasis grenades are a saving grace for fighting Kraken, because if you aim them you’ll have him on the ground the entire fight.

If you’re having trouble with the armor that’s your fault, don’t blame it on a character being useless or Kraken being OP.


Don’t worry, Val, Abe, Griffin and soon enough we will have Crow to slow the Kraken and bring him back down to the ground.


Ok so first off any competent medic can outheal the aerial melee (except maybe Laz but with him you’ll just revive them anyway). Second, statis grenades aren’t useless; they will quite literally pull a kraken out of the sky. The problem wasn’t the overpowered attack, the problem was your bad teammates.


The aerial melee is also hilariously innacurate and slow on top of everything else.


I find the main use of the long basic attack to be trolling incaps and finishing bouncing near death hunters. It’s only semi useful as filler dmg in the fight because it is very slow moving. To be frank this entire post is more about how bad your teamates were and very little to do with kraken.



I agree that each of the monsters in the game has huge strengths and dizzying tactics and powers which cause them to be a monstrous and overwhelming fight for the hunters.

In agreeing on this, we have just concurred that we are both playing the game known as Evolve. This is the experience designed and advertised by TRS and stamped on the back of the game box.

The monster can quickly and powerfully kill any hunter 1v1 and it will take a highly skilled and coordinated team multiple minutes to kill a monster. Teams with less coordination may not even be cabable of putting up a fight against the monster.

Hope his helps put things in perspective :wink:


See, to me it seems like something that pulls kraken completely out of the sky(stasis grenades) is alot better then something that just restricts his movements for a short period before being destroyed(harpoons). Well, at least in a fight. Logic right? It’s pretty insane.


indeed, Kraken need some hard nerfs or no one will play Goliath :pensive:


I see more people play Goliath than I see Kraken. Kraken is perfectly balanced where he is; just because someones bad against a monster doesn’t mean their horribly broken.


Wait,what. So a stage 1 Kraken wrecked a uncoordinated team next to a tyrant pit means he needs a “debuff”. I understand that you said it’s easy for you to win against a team using Kraken but that doesn’t mean he needs a nerf.

Hm, I wonder which I would like more 1 harpoon that restricts his in air movement but still allows him to fly,multiple harpoons that will completely immobilize him and set up an orbital/sentry gun raid,or something that will ground him immediately.



The fact that he used the bolts constantly maybe? Just because they’re slow doesn’t mean they’re hard to aim, y’know what else is slow? Every Hunter in the game. I don’t even use Kraken much and barely missed, jetpack dodges don’t last very long.
And as I said even if you miss the splash damage will quite likely get them.

A good medic means squat if you put 3 or 2 points in to Vortex and just blast them away while you harass the rest of the team.

It’s pretty damn easily to just float up there and accurately assault the team meanwhile half their guns are crap at long range.

What are you even talking about? Stasis is useless against a Kraken like 100m in the air, absolutely useless. Not difficult to see he’s thrown a grenade and dodge it. Abe on the whole is useless there his shotgun won’t do anything.

If any of you had actually noticed I tried doing the same thing as Kraken. Stop acting like an uncoordinated team somehow have magically less effective bullets…

How about you all try it and see how easy it is to do some serious damage to a team. Four times now I’ve done the same thing, against teams with multiple level 40’s.

The only threat at long range is Cabot’s rail cannon really everything else is incredibly easy to dodge. And at Stage 3 it’s completely hopeless to take down a Kraken doing this with full armour as soon as they incap anyone they can just spam blasts until they die, only threat to that being Lazarus who any decent player would kill first anyway.

Guessing since most people play as Kraken you don’t want any of it’s power taken away, you should already realize how easy it is to take out most Hunters. Hence why I rarely use it Goliath makes it more challenging, or does nobody appreciate challenge and just want easy mode all the way?


Every monster uses their basic form of attack, nothing overpowered there.

I’m not even sure where you got those numbers from, but there is no vertical height that can escape a Stasis Grenade being thrown.

I dominate as and against Krakens all the time; he is about as balanced as Goliath is.

This is wrong on so many levels it hurts. The only over powered monster atm is Wraith; have you ever considered the problem might be you and not the game?


I think the weakness to your party was lazerous. Any other healer and out wouldn’t have worked. The ranged melee attacks aren’t that great. I get really frustrated at how long it takes to take down food with them constantly. I end up using abilities because it’s faster.

The real benefit is his punishing ranged attacks. The drawback is everyone can shoot him back. If he’s just chilling around he’ll get hurt real bad.

p.s. Don’t take lazerous atm. With a kraken in the air, he can drop lightning right on laz while he’s stationary trying to heal.


The only thing I think should be changed is the mini knock back on the ranged bolts, other monsters have to be on or near the body to prevent the revive or use abilities which can be wasted or on cooldown, Kraken can shut down revives for free from long range which makes recovery really hard to do against them, and essentially means anyone who dies is out of the fight for good even if they had no strikes.

He can still lightning, vortex, and banshee to prevent revives at range, as well as melee and aftershock up close, so it isn’t like it would break him to take away infinite revive prevention from a mile away.


As a good Medic, I disagree.

What? The Nades have a massive AOE field. It would take all three Air bursts to escape a well thrown one and they ground him easily.

To be honest Griffin is worse than Abe against Kraken- and I say this as a huge Griffin fan.

Kraken’s fine.


Honestly, it’s not the monsters that are OP, it’s lack of coordination and/or strategy. The game is completely different when the hunters work together to take down the monster as a team. It’s 4v1 for a reason, people. Problem is, in pub games, it’s more difficult to come by and a good monster can just roll through groups which makes them come across as way too powerful, instead of just skilled players being faced by a bunch of uncoordinated people, some of whom are shunted into roles that they’re weak in. Compound it with no mics (or all muted mics) and there’s no working together, or even switching roles at the start so that your ace Assault player isn’t going in as Medic, whom he’s really not good at.


Kraken have a fat face. Shoot that, you can also dodge the kraken’s range attacks. The higher he hovers, the longer it takes to reach the ground. Unless the guy is a master marksmen, you get plenty of time to evade and shoot.


What’s with the sudden influx of “Kraken is OP” threads here? Does it have something to do with the Griffin challange?


I love playing against good Kraken player. Unfortunately he is not taken very often these days (damn you Wraith!!). However, I don’t see that he is in anyway OP. As Maggie I usually lay my harpoon traps on cliffs and rocks and as assault I am using my rifle to deal dmg from afar.