Kraken's evolve seen through walls


Hey guys,

am I the only one who sees Krakens evolve thru walls? I’ve seen it a few times playing on my own and even by watching the twich streams vom PAX East but nobody seems to realize that it is him. Is it a bug or a feature?


I see dead people


They do care and yes, they are ware of this…it’s not supposed to be a “thing.”


:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


You see them I eat them lead the way -golitah 2015


I’ve won games because of it (I’m not proud of it) also don’t remeber this happening in beta


He knows just being a smarta##


where in the world did you get the idea that the devs don’t care… just scroll through the dev tracker on this forum and youll find a bunch of posts about them making and talking about countless bug fixes in the next patch.


they are going to fix as many bug as they can


Shouldn’t this be in the bugs section? Though thanks for the heads up, good to know when I mainly play Kraken.


You’re right. Reclassified.


Made a little Video


My bad. I rewatched and saw.


Seems kind of random, sometimes I see it, mostly I don’t.

Never seems to show up when I’m playing Cabot though…


The necro to end all necro’s - 311 days. But this is still a problem. Any update on this? It’s one of those day one bugs that just won’t go away




Yeah, it’s quite bad when as a hunter you hear the evolve from a Kraken that juked you and hear “Over there, I saw the flash”. It’s at the point where sometimes as another monster, I instinctively think “They know where I am. They saw the flash”.


I always assumed that this was intended :confused:


Nope. Just a longstanding bug.


Half the time when I look for it I end up missing it. lol

I used to tell people that asked about that it was because the Kraken is so OP they had to have some way of letting you know where it was. haha