Kraken's audio queues are far too telling for lightning


I really love to play Kraken, but it’s disheartening that his audio tells for lightning makes it almost worthless T1. I’m not sure of a single other monster attack that can be heard across the map. His AOE is also incredibly easy to spot, and it’s just not good enough to warrant how revealing it is.


No. They need the audio cue. Kraken is in the air so his moves aren’t as obvious as Goliath who you can see moving and lunging at you. You’re using lightning from the air and hunters have a much harder time telling where the cursor is.


He means hunters being able to find him early due to cues and not during the fight. Im not sure how they can do the visuals with lightning but I agree what the audio cues are very telling as someone who uses abe alot and uses audio to find where the monster is.


I’m not saying they don’t need it at all, but the fact that it can be heard across the entirety of the map seems ridiculous.


To be fair, you really shouldn’t use LS to kill wildlife. In general you don’t want to use loud moves. Warp Blast for Wraith + Leap Smash are also loud moves and shouldn’t be used to farm wildlife if you can avoid it. Good skills to use are Vortex, Fire Breath + Decoy.


I’d recommend using pounce on wildlife like in the tutorial for when you’re T1 evading the hunters


Use Vortex to AoE farm with Kraken.


While I hate pounce attacking wildlife at Stage 1 (It takes so bloody long to kill and eat) it’s not bad. You can also pounce from a bush nearby to hide corpses. Kind of like hiding bodies in Lockers in MGS.

Also, abduct into bushes makes finding Wraith even harder by disposing bodies in bushes.


Abduction with the wraith into the bushes… Why haven’t I thought of this! Lol thanks for sharing


Also, go out of bounds on maps like Distillery and abduct Hunters there. Then knock them back out again. :smiley: You can also do it with good aimed Vortexes. If they are really low life you blow the corpse out to sea and they can’t rez them.


Kraken is able to fly without making much sound while Goliath is super loud stomping around. I think we need these sounds or you would just be following footprints all day.


Kraken IS the loudest of the three. Kraken stomps about as well. he cannot stay in the air forever. You can hear him flying further away then you could hear a goliath stomping about.


Seriously. Even the Kraken’s normal attacks are louder than anything the Goliath has.


Kraken is also a lot bigger than Goliath. More weight = Heavier stomps etc…


Banshee mines are much louder. Although that is to be expected given the name.


So because Kraken is the loudest monster TRS should change him?

Should they remove dialog from Abe and Hyde because they talk a lot too?


Would you not say that Charge is a better hunting tool than Firebreath, in terms of staying unnoticed and quiet?


Use it to your advantage. I often take lightning strike as Kraken and fire it on the other side of the map. Sound comes from where the lightning strikes, not the Kraken, so you can basically send hunters running in the exact opposite direction of where you are(since there is NO RANGE LIMIT on LS)


I used to love charge, but I strongly favor 1 firebreath 2 leap smash. Firebreath to cook food and leap smash with 2 points is a decent damage maker and disruption if you get domed. Leapsmash can also be used for movement purposes and killing food off a cliff. Firebreath also helps against Markov’s mines and harpoon turrets.


I would need to confirm this, but I believe there is a distinct sound on both sides. Where you are casting from and the strike itself. The point of origin sound on Kraken itself isn’t as loud, but I’m pretty sure it makes a sound.