Krakens are not hard to fight


Let’s just hope in a future update, if there is one, they find a very good balance with the monsters. You cant please everyone though


I think it is extremely safe to say there will never be an update to Evolve stage 2.


Go to Change. Org and type in Evolve and sign the petition to give TRS the rights to evolve back only 386 more people of 7,500 need to sign it!


Thought about it, but ultimately decided against it.
It’s worthless and not going to happen. By this point TRS has already moved on, and I think we should remember Evolve, but move on as well.


Ehh, I know its been a year, but maybe turtle rock still thinks about the game. They have concept art of things still…


I have no doubt they think about it.
But we have to learn to move on, Evolve had its time. It’s time for new adventures.


The problem most people have with Kraken is that no one shoots the banshee missiles. Kraken is one of the easiest monsters to deal with ability wise.

If the banshee missiles are taken out than his ability to do damage is significantly muffled, aftershock is crap for most of its life either being op or up, but up for the most part.

All kraken has left is Lightning Strike and vortex that he can reliably use, but LS is pretty easy to dodge if you use Jetfuel only to dodge LS and maybe AS.

Abilities that can be outright denied by the hunters were always a problem for certain monsters e.g. Miley with her Mimic and her Spider Trap, Wraith and her Phantom/Decoy. If the hunters can outright deny these abilities than the monsters suffers in terms of damage output.
I hope in the future whatever studio is contracted to work on the title, they don’t have abilities that can be outright denied the way the mentioned abilities can be. It just causes headaches to balance, because teams that know to handle these abilities essentially gods and those who don’t know how to deal with them get stomped extra hard.


And then there is Elder Kraken who be all like “HERE ARE ALL OF MY ABILITES AT ONCE!!! Oh and I guess Chain Lighting too but whatever…”

At least that’s how it is on Legacy where it causes nearly and instant down.


In stage 2 there are hard cooldowns between each ability cast. Makes it much more fair for the hunters.


On his abilities and his ability to fly after the use of an attack.

Same for the Wraith in some aspects like her Abduction. Many times I’ll press the button to activate it and line up the shot real quick and then it not go anywhere until the Hunter moves out of the way.

Putting delays like that on a character is not proper balancing and it screws the Monster, especially when they are used to having reactive abilities.

Not like that matters now tho.


In what way? I’d prefer that than a straight nerf to damage.


Having unresponsive characters is not what I want in a “Balance Update.”


They’re not unresponsive unless you don’t know the timings and you’re spamming the ability buttons. A delay between abilities isn’t really that big of a deal once you know how long the delay is.


I’d vote for Parnell.


Ya. Krakens are used for…other things…:wink: