Krakens are not hard to fight

People think the Krakens are hard to fight. tbh, I never found them hard to fight, just the coordination of a team hard to manage. This is the main reason I think people can’t fight krakens. The best way to play against a kraken is to play with bots. They give you experience, and actually know how to coordinate with a team. Trappers are probably the best counter to a kraken. They bring them down from the sky, making them easy to hit. That being said, make the best of your traps. Stasis attacks, harpoons, repulse beams, use it. It will save lives. Save your jet pack fuel for the fight, not to catch up with it. Lightning strikes, death spirals, banshee mines/missles, these are all very easily avoidable if you use your jet pack right. It’s weakest ability is probably the aftershock/chain, so instead of waiting it on that, use it on something extremely threatening. As a medic, slim is probably the best counter to a kraken as a kraken can make a hunter ability go one cooldown. Emet is good as well, as both can modify their healing fields.
Anywhere with a roof over it has “dome” written all over it. When the monster cant fly, the monster can’t dodge.
So, how was the game? Did you lose? Win? Was this helpful?


The main thing that makes kraken annoying is that he effortlessly counters a lot of hunter abilities simply by existing. He’s really not that hard to fight as a coordinated team at all(actually he’s pretty much the weakest monster in the game). People just don’t like to fight krakens because most of the time because either:

A: you’re playing with randoms who don’t know how to avoid his attacks.

B: you’re playing as a character that is weak against him and it’s annoying(torvald, markov, abe to some degree, etc)


Like shooting Banshee Mines


Why did you reming me?!
The memories… The painful memories…


Torvald maybe, since you have to stand underneath the Kraken to do any real damage. But I don’t think Markov is terrible…his gun can insta-kill the mines and he has good range.

C: You’re playing a shorter range character like Lennox or Hyde.

######Disclaimer: I hate Kraken.


Well, I pretty much only used the autocannon anyway since it tended to have better DPS than the fist. :stuck_out_tongue:

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But you can’t use your arc mines. And if you’re playing as blitz markov, then the kraken will constantly fly in and out of your beam resetting your damage boost.

Blitzkov, yes you’re right. But even without the mines Markov isn’t terrible. What other assaults would you recommend for fighting the big-blue-sky-monster?

A big key to what made Kraken tricky for newer Hunter was you had to consider where he was in a 3D plane instead of just on the ground in a 2D plane like every other Monster. Most Terrain disadvantages like water, cliffs, outcroppings, ect. didn’t hinder him as much as other Monsters/Hunters.

Lennox focusing on autocannon, or renegabe to absolutely destroy the beast.

Never tried a Renegabe against squidface, probably 'cause Kraken is so rarely played.

Regular kraken is pretty bad in Stage 2.

He doesn’t have good reliable damage, lightning strike is super easy to dodge, banshees are not hard to shoot in Stage 2 since they don’t instantly explode in your face anymore, aftershock is also not that hard to dodge anymore. Vortex is his only reliable skill which doesn’t really do much damage.

He’s just all around lacking. In Stage 2 that is, he’s super strong in legacy still.


good point, try fighting against a bot Parnell as Kraken hahah.

Play Legacy against an Elder Kraken player that is somewhat half decent… tell me he’s not hard to fight…

I fukin dare you!

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I have and his death spiral is fustrating when you don’t have fuel to get outta there, the best counter I know for him is Abe those stasis grenades are very useful and give the elder kraken a taste of his own medicine. Ah all those hate comments from nooberkrakens

In legacy the majority of success when playing against what I call em nooberkrakens, is how well a trapper performs against it

Problem with him is his ability to spit out all of his attacks super fast within a second… can drop anyone so fast before anyone can really react. It’s also annoying when you fight a super passive Elder Kraken who just aims to kill you thru the walls with the Death Spiral effect and then hops in on a good moment.

Granted that last bit can be countered but against any decent Elder Kraken player you’re pretty much screwed from the git go as his non-chain lighting abilities at Stage 1 are all he needs to down and kill a player.

Granted in Stage 2 they nerfed his ass but in a way I don’t exactly approve of, just like they did to Wraith, regardless of how much I hate Krakens in general. I also hate Gorgons too for nearly the same reason.

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Ya, it seems like the monsters got kicked in the balls in stage 2

Both Elder Kraken and Wraith suffer from what I called “Purposely Delayed Attacks Syndrome” where the Devs just put in hard delays between actions instead of just adjusting the numbers properly. The Delays are way too obvious and strong and it pisses me off to no end. Like I click Abduction on Wraith and I am on the target and let go but she doesn’t shoot until a second later after the Hunter already dodged…

Stupid. And it aint lag either.

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