Kraken's air pounce and Lightning Strike manual detonation?


Wondering if anyone has encountered these problems? Me and two other friends, who are regular players (ie playing everyday), met several Kraken players today. Most notably, there are two Krakens who played really differently.

One of them who keep pouncing even when the hunter and Kraken is in midair, I was playing Caira and was trying to juke him by using the jetpack and healing myself while climbing up a rock. However, I got pounced not only once but a grand three times while I was climbing and falling. And he was not even whacking me, just pouncing as I was doing so.

Another Kraken had Lightning Strike which seemed to have random (little to no) time from the time it started casting to the the time the damage is delivered. Or rather, the time that the lightning strike actually hits you, was faster than usual. And we would know as the number of Kraken players have rose much more since the micropatch have hit.

I am curious if it is a bug that they found to exploit or a hack that is floating around? Either way, it is really spoiling the game experience for us.


You’re confident it wasn’t lag on your part / their part?


Sounds a lot like lag. Lightning Strike in particular explodes immediatly if you are lagging.


Pretty sure it is not lag on our part. It might be the monster but these were the only attacks that were out of the norm. Other skills like mines and vortex were pretty accurate and the monster was not moving very erratically.