Krakens Aftershock effecting players in Dropship


Basically, if Kraken times Aftershock right it can hit players (Yes, all three of us were hit) in the Dropship. I have no idea what caused it. Fortunately, it seemed like a one in a million event, but still the Devs should be informed. Hopefully this post will reach them.

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Yep, I reported this bug a long time ago, it’s very rare :sweat_smile: I think they already have that logged


Reported many moons ago. It has to happen the exact millisecond that everyone spawns in because everyone’s hitbox is on the spectat-ee for a millisecond before it teleports into the dropship.


Alright, thanks. I searched but didn’t find anything on it. So long as it’s logged.

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I guess this can be Closed, and “effecting” is bugging the crap out of me right now.

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This is the thread where I reported this bug friend :smile:

Maybe you can bump that thread with that video :smile:

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